Mid-Week Thoughts | The Sad Truth of Blogging

It’s no lie that people in the blogging community don’t read posts start to finish. I know that I am not always alert when I’m scrolling through blog posts of an evening, usually reading through closed lids. Sometimes it can be really hard to read and comment on all of the posts in your inbox, especially when people upload so often. I don’t blame you for being more responsive on my Six Word Stories than any other posts that I write. From the writer’s perspective it can be very disheartening though. You spend so much time writing a post and no-one on the other end is bothered to read it. Of course there are a few of you that do care, and I hope you know that you are appreciated very much! Coming across a thoughtful comment is very rare. So, to be that light in someone else’s comments section, I plan to spend more time reading and replying to your hard work in the future! Sometimes I take this lovely community for granted, or concentrate too hard on making content. People can take pay too much attention to statistics and ignore the fact that there are people behind these screens. I am guilty of that, but now that I have sentenced myself I feel like I can do better in the future!

Sorry for the moan, but I thought it was worth bringing to light. Please share a nice comment on someone’s blog post today. It makes us all (referring to bloggers) very, very happy!

Hope you are all having a good week,

erin x




20 thoughts on “Mid-Week Thoughts | The Sad Truth of Blogging

  1. I completely understand what you mean and I’m guilty of sometimes scrolling through a blog post without fulling absorbing what I’m reading, or skipping parts. I often get overwhelmed with the number of blog posts that there are out there, and I have so little time, and I’m usually already exhausted – not that I’m not apologizing, I am, it’s just that it gets hard. I’d love to be able to give my full support to all of my blogging friends, but for the meantime, that’s just quite not possible. I’m sorry you feel this way, and thank you for sharing your thoughts! ❤

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    • Thank you for being honest, Marta! I wish I could apologise but the sad truth is that I will never be able to keep on top of it all. I have school, and that is my priority. I should take more time to fully appreciate all of your works 💗 Hope you’re well x

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  2. Well, I’ll take this moment to tell you that I seriously admire how often you post and how much effort you put in your posts. Sometimes I can’t comment bc I don’t have anything to say that’s relevant to the content. I always read though!

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  3. I think when you’re a blogger too rather than a reader who’s just subscribed to one or two blogs the task can become monumental. I’m trying to do less but I still get myself in knots about it, trying to read as much as possible of hundreds of posts and leave comments.. but it takes hours, every day, and I can’t keep up with my own blog let alone work and anything else. I think balance would be good but also appreciation for that fact that if you can read and comment somewhere it can mean so much to that person, whether they reply or not. I love each and every comment I get (apart from the spam about viagra, I don’t think they consider gender when they spam sites). Basically what I’m saying is it’s lovely to do it, but don’t wear yourself out and spread yourself too thin, because if you’re like me you’re looking at huuuundreds of posts each day and it’s just not possible.
    Caz xx

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    • Thank you so much for responding to my post. I hardly read posts in the day, maybe one or two. As blogging is just a hobby, my main time to do it is at weekends! Sometimes the weekends are just too busy for blogging though. It does make me feel sad – but it’s just life.
      Your support is always appreciated, Caz! Ever since I started blogging you’ve always been a great help.
      Have a great evening and don’t worry about a thing ☺️

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  4. Aw, don’t say sorry Erin. It’s fine, we all go through this wave. Patting you on the back 😉 I read a lot before, I read every line but sometimes it’s easier to just click like because I got nothing else to say about the post. “Great post” “I agree” “This is wonderful!” I will feel so lame just writing that and if I have to think and write my long thoughts, it feels like a waste of time. But I really agree about the multiple post a day. They are hard so what I do is choose the most interesting one and like or comment that one and ignore the rest (unless the rest is also interesting then I’m doom)…
    see what I’m doing here? I’m writing A LOT and a lot more thinking is coming in my head. I’m sure I’ll be writing you a bible soon if I don’t put a stop to this craziness. Have a wonderful Sunday Erin 😘

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  5. I so agree with this! I know for a lot of people blogging can become a liking game and that’s why I appreciate positive and thoughtful comments more than anything when it comes to blogging. To know that someone took the time to read your post and respond is an amazing feeling!

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  6. It’s easy to get locked into a cycle of seeking out stats online because there isn’t always a lot of other feedback. I know I have to consciously stop myself getting caught up in numbers for my own blog. But for what it’s worth I read this whole post twice 🙂

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