Crooked Kingdom | New Fantasy Obsession & Squad Goals

What a ride!

This 600 page book took me strangely fast amount of time to read. It was such a page-turning, beautiful piece of literature. The squad is my new favourite (but not beating the Harry Potter trio). The dry humour didn’t make me laugh aloud but it certainly brings a smile to my face. Do books ever put you through physical emotion? (I cried at the end of this book, it’s so heart-breaking!)

I may be all over the place in this post but I took notes whilst reading and I would like to get them all into this post!


I should not have rushed Crooked Kingdom because it must be savoured. I look forward to re-reading this book a bit slower and appreciating the words more! The characters are so diverse and I loved getting to understand all of their languages and religions. Inej was my favourite but I loved them all very much.

Wylan interprets music like me and I found that moment was so cozy: “When his father had stopped reading to him, music had given him new stories”. If you have read this book, maybe you are also as excited as I am about Jesper and Wylan: The Cutest Couple in Ketterdam. I must say, disaster happens when you put 6 teenagers on the same mission…


Shiny library covers are the purest form of art

Matthias and Nina’s ‘illegal’ relationship was cleverly described by Leigh Bardugo. I became very attached to the couple and the end is heart-breaking! (obviously no spoilers though, I would love for you to experience the wild emotions for yourself)

Thank you for reading today’s post. I was 200 pages in when I started taking notes on this book. Hopefully it has improved today’s book review and many more to come! Let me know what you thought about this book review below (I’ve tried a new way of writing them).

Have you read any of Bardugo’s books? Do you like fantasy novels? Who is your favourite fantasy author?


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