5 Things That TV Is Made For | What To Watch This Christmas | Blogmas Day Seven

No, I’m not a freak – but I haven’t watched The Grinch. Or Miracle On 34th Street… not yet anyway! A big part of Christmas in Britain is the Christmas TV and movies. In this post I would like to share with you my top five Christmas TV programmes and movies to watch this December and most of these I like to binge as I put up the decorations (which I haven’t done yet) and write my cards as it is on in the background.

Doctor Who

I don’t know if you saw it coming! I am such a Whovian and Christmas specials are usually my favourite but there isn’t one this year! Instead (I think it’s to be inclusive) it will be on New Year’s Day. I am very dissapointed but I can always watch back David Tennants episodes (which are my favourite) as I get on with making decorations – by decorations I mean making too many pom-poms and not knowing what to do with them XD

The new series has been liked a lot by viewers that don’t usually watch Who and I think you might like it too! For traditionalists in the Whovian community it’s not the best series that’s ever been made but for entertainment purposes it’s really good. I have lots to say from the whovian point of view but this blog is something completely different! Those two mindsets should not collide!



Both Nativity 1, 2 and 3 are really good films. It’s not really a dramatic sort of movie, it’s a  good family film or something to watch when you are really tired but want a bit of something to do. I like watching this at sleepovers with my friends – we don’t really watch it but just sing-a-long with the songs and chat between them XD. I love these movies so much and I don’t know why – but you’d probably understand if you watched them.

The Muppets: A Christmas Carol

I don’t think there should be any reason why should watch it other than… just do! There’s something about Christmas movies that I can’t really put a reason behind. I just really enjoy watching them and I can’t say anything about why you should. Maybe that means they’re bad movies – but they aren’t! I just can’t say anything. Watch the films! You may understand. It may just be the films I’ve listed so far – but maybe not.

Okay, so I’ve ranted. I shouldn’t go off on tangents like this and go off topic – but at times when it gets hard for me to write I just slide into topic I shouldn’t. This time I’m not going to delete all the stuff I don’t want there – I’ll just leave it as it is.

There’s something I’m working on at the moment that is just draining all the ‘everything else’ from me. I don’t know if I should keep this blog and the project separate but I would like to let you know. I will think about it tonight and you may be seeing it on Saturday!

Enough of that, and have a nice day.


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