Religion Is a Problem – But It Isn’t Wrong | Blogmas Day Six

Today I wanted to do something I bit different than what you have already seen so far this December. Because all I really have done is the popular lifestyle edge of things rather than the real, raw Erin. I like to write mostly about what is right and wrong - what is different and similar … Continue reading Religion Is a Problem – But It Isn’t Wrong | Blogmas Day Six

A Letter To Vegans

The few paragraphs I have written aren’t nessacerily from my personal point of view. I believe that being a vegan is about not taking things from other’s that belong on our planet, and about equalising the world. Being a human is a curse at the moment, but if we all pull together maybe we can … Continue reading A Letter To Vegans

The Road Is a Forest

You know when you are driving down the road when the sun’s out and because of the trees lining the road you get flashes of shadows in the corner of your eye? Well that’s like life. Sometimes you need to stop the car and get out to see what the tree has to offer, and … Continue reading The Road Is a Forest

Time It Takes

Why sixty seconds in minute. Why sixty minutes in an hour. Why are autumn leaves on the floor, When we haven’t seen them shower.   Isn’t sixty the common number? In time and space itself? No it seems to not be. 365 on the year’s shelf. Then look at an analouge right now, See that … Continue reading Time It Takes

The Universe Is A Lie | Poem and Reasoning

Dear Creator Being, How big or how small. I sometimes wonder if you happened at all. But that’s beside the point, because really: Are you brave and strong or fearful and weary? Dear Creator Being, How nice or how mean, I sometimes wonder if you’ve never seen. But that’s important, because really, Are you dead … Continue reading The Universe Is A Lie | Poem and Reasoning