Springtime Musings

Good afternoon! It’s spring-time, and I’m feeling incredibly refreshed by the sunshine. There were a few things I wanted to share, that I have noticed on my walks around my area, that I want to hold on to for the sense of gratitude of poetic thoughts they inspire. Where I’ve started to lock away my observations about the world because ‘they’re not important’ I realised it’s actually okay to share things. I love to receive other people’s observations about the world around them! Am I really so unimportant that I can’t sh...

Time For A Rhyme

If it weren't for a breeze,And the shaking of your knees,You wouldn't see the stillness of the trees. Autumnal vibes in this photo! Found this one in my drafts and I thought it was worth sharing. Because even though will get shaken up, made anxious and have rough patches, they only make us appreciate the … Continue reading Time For A Rhyme