Parasocial Relationships + Celebrity Break Ups

Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn have allegedly broken up. For some odd reason, I feel very affected by this change in my own life. I have been disrupted because I care so much about Taylor through listening to her songs, and watching media surrounding her. Here’s another parasocial relationship I hold that I wasn’t quite … Continue reading Parasocial Relationships + Celebrity Break Ups

Your Ultimate Christmas Songs Playlist

Undeniably, music has got to be the best part of Christmas (up there with the Doctor Who special). I love listening to festive music even before December and the *sadness* of this year has made even more excuses to get Christmassy early! There will always be Christmas classics and a selection of those have made … Continue reading Your Ultimate Christmas Songs Playlist

Awesome Blogger Award | Traveling, Music + Body Confidence

I am so shocked to be nominated for yet another award! This is another Awesome Blogger Award tag. I was nominated by my beautiful friend Megan from Megan’s Little Blog. We’re in fact working on a collab at the moment, so keep your eyes peeled for that. Megan writes LGBTQIA+ content, positivity and general life … Continue reading Awesome Blogger Award | Traveling, Music + Body Confidence

Top 7 Things To Do In Quarantine Tag

Welcome back to the blog, hope you’re doing well. Today’s post is another tag which I’m super excited about. After seeing the trend circulating YouTube, my friend Girl Online decided to bring it to the blogging community. This tag is all about ‘what to do in quarantine’. Thank you so much for the nomination! The … Continue reading Top 7 Things To Do In Quarantine Tag

The Awesome Blogger Award | Books, Goals & Music

Though I wasn't nominated, I'd just like to thank Marta for leaving open nominations so that I could take part in this tag. Please read her answers to these questions! Now, let's get on to the tag: The Rules Thank the blogger who nominated you Credit the creator (Maggie @ Dreaming of Guatemala) Tag this … Continue reading The Awesome Blogger Award | Books, Goals & Music