For the Love of Blogging

(If you love blogging in any way, please read... I promise it is worth your time) Hi blogging friends, On Saturday 23rd March 2022, my blog officially becomes 5 years old. It seems pointless to celebrate the ageing of this online community that has been curated, loved, enjoyed and lived in but then lost. For … Continue reading For the Love of Blogging

You and I, View | Poem By Nour Lee

This post has been produced for you by fellow blogger Nour Lee. We have been working in collaboration with each other, on the topic of poems. I have written a post for her blog also, it would be appreciated if you checked that out: and whilst your their, go and follow! This poem really stood … Continue reading You and I, View | Poem By Nour Lee

Things That I Love Tag

Hello, how are you all? It's been a while since I have participated in a tag but I miss it dearly! I have been kindly nominated for the Things That I Love tag by  Zara . The Rules Create a brand new Valentines quote that you yourself can relate to. Name 5 things you love (they can … Continue reading Things That I Love Tag

Nine-Word Poem | Humanity Is Living Dead

A twist on the six word story challenge! Humanity is alive, dying slowly, But here. Present. Alive.

Why Some People Live More In Ten Year’s Than Others Do In 80 | Philosophy

Welcome to my philosophy. Some people believe that humans are superior because we have minds and brains. I would not like to preach, but humans are animals - scientifically, but could also be spiritually and religiously. That ant you killed today, has a mind too. The fact may seem irrelevant, but once you read this … Continue reading Why Some People Live More In Ten Year’s Than Others Do In 80 | Philosophy