Filter + Fox | Café Review

Friday 21st February  Today I went to the Filter + Fox cafe, Liverpool, for brunch. I am no food critic but I can certainly tell that the food was amazing in many ways. On the menu were many dishes, but the only vegetarian dish that I could see at first glance was a grilled cheese sandwich. … Continue reading Filter + Fox | Café Review

Can We All Just Love?

Something was feeling a tiny bit uncomforatble as I sat down to read... then I got back up again - because I had forgotten to write today's post! This is why this post is a bit about everything and also nothing at all. 'Art is my life and my life is art' Yoko Ono I … Continue reading Can We All Just Love?

My Day Away

And what a day indeed! I got to Liverpool via train in the morning but came back with my dad in the car afterwards. It was a really beautiful day. the sun was out and the sunset perfectly. I left my phone and camera in the flat for most of the day, so photos weren’t … Continue reading My Day Away