I Had a Crush On a Girl In 1878

Evangeline May | 14th September 1878  Oh, Mama, she’s amazing! She has loads of books and doesn’t care a fig about what she wears. There’s these tight cotton ‘trousers’ that she wears with some lovely jumpers, she calls them. Her hair is cut short and looks so out of fashion now, but on her she … Continue reading I Had a Crush On a Girl In 1878

When I Grow Up

I sat, meditating, Thinking, not about… fate-ing? My mind, was a boil then, My life, won’t pick up a pen.   Where am I now? Am I meant to bow? I’m on a stage, but in the wings, Just drawing curtains.. and things.   That works both ways actually. I’m pulling away the curtain so … Continue reading When I Grow Up

Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow | Tag

A little out of schedule in the middle of the week, but this is such a beautiful tag outlet. Go follow @ Kat’s Observations! ♥️

Kat's observations.

I have been nominated by KittyJade for the Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow Tag. Here is my response to it. I nominate anyone who wants to participate.

Yesterday I was born: the start of the new generation. Yesterday I was a little girl with pigtails, a freckled face, and happy, bright eyes. I was as innocent as a ray of sunlight, as young as the first snow, the snow that comes before the last apples have fallen from their trees. Yesterday, my days were simple. Happy, but simple. My view of the world did not extend beyond the town I grew up in. And in a world so small, everything in it was big. My little backyard, large enough to fit a sandbox, a few trees, a see-saw and not much else was transformed into an empire by my siblings and me. We filled our joyous yesterdays by letting our…

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Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow: Tag What does this remind you of? To me it reminds me how lucky I am to have those days. In those days I have smiled so much, met people I have never seen before, greeted family I haven’t seen since earlier this year. And as I look back at the … Continue reading Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

Sadness Is A Fairytale | Poem

Once upon a time, In a faraway land, Her face had no kind, His hate had no hand. To build up the tension, In the mountain nearly climed, Her smile had detention, His sad had been mimed. The dilemmna to be commenced, In the centre of make, Her legs were offenced, His mind was a … Continue reading Sadness Is A Fairytale | Poem