Perfection Is Procrastination

I would like to contribute my own bit of information to help spread awareness of the well-being of mental health. Every day for me is Mental Health Awareness Day, and I know as a minor sufferer of OCD that even the slightest things in our lives come out with a large impact. Today in my … Continue reading Perfection Is Procrastination

The Beginning of a Greater Journey | Songwriting

My introduction to the world… I started life with longer years but they keep on getting shorter. Well, in my head anyway. Here’s a song I wrote on the subject, and I’m just too self-concious to post the tune. But maybe if you keep up with my Instagram it will be on My Story… Writing … Continue reading The Beginning of a Greater Journey | Songwriting

Who Is This Erin Anyway?

Who is this Erin anyway? Erin is a weird person. She never shares her face on her blog because she doesn't want to be judged, her opinion is enough to decide if she's good or bad. And, that's an opinion too! Erin used to write very long informative posts, but now they're short and sweet, … Continue reading Who Is This Erin Anyway?

The Clouds in My Head | Poem

Dark and grey, It was a cloudy day. I couldn’t see through it. It was in my head.   Light and blue, A cloud or two. I couldn’t see depression. It was in my head. Heavy and yellow, Clouds like marshmallow. I couldn’t see around it. It was in my head.   No, I couldn’t … Continue reading The Clouds in My Head | Poem

Why September Was The Worst Month of My Life | Recap

I need to tell myself that a new day should really be a clean slate. I don’t know about you, but September was kind of the worst month of my life. But I can accept that, I really can. I don’t want to cover it up, I don’t want any of those events not to … Continue reading Why September Was The Worst Month of My Life | Recap