Internalised Misogyny & Cinderella

As children, there is a constant pressure to never conform to femininity. In the media, we see feminine women objectified. Rather than get to the root of this problem, young girls are taught that femininity is feeble and weak. Therefore the 'not like other girls' phenomenon is formed. Disney Princesses like Merida, Rapunzel and Elsa … Continue reading Internalised Misogyny & Cinderella

Filters + Their Impact

Filter means to pass through a device to remove unwanted material.  They are designed to ensure that the consumer/viewer gets a refined, perfect perception of the product - or the person.  Water filters: get rid of dirt and tiny bacterial particles - removing impurities.  Snapchat filters: don’t allow the story viewer to see anything that … Continue reading Filters + Their Impact

How I Personally Approach Self-Care

Hi everyone! I hope you’re all well and safe. Excitingly, today’s post is a group collaboration with some amazing teen bloggers. I will link them right at the end for you to check out! The announcement of a national lockdown last Monday sent ripples all across England. It’s been a difficult few months - suffering … Continue reading How I Personally Approach Self-Care

How To Make Effective To-Do Lists (That You Will Tick Off!)

Writing daily to-do lists has completely changed the way I approach productivity, and I don’t know where I would be without my handy lists. After 4-5 years of consistently using this method, I have found my own preferred way to write to-do lists. Now, it might sound stupidly obvious: just write down what you need … Continue reading How To Make Effective To-Do Lists (That You Will Tick Off!)

A Week Of Vegan Breakfasts | Quick, Easy + Yummy

Hey everyone! Welcome to the start of a new year. I hope you all had safe yet enjoyable New Year’s celebrations. In alignment with the Veganuary trend, I am today going to share a week of vegan breakfasts. These are all going to be realistic, budget-friendly and energising! Just to clarify, I am not a … Continue reading A Week Of Vegan Breakfasts | Quick, Easy + Yummy