My Face Reveal…

Never did I expect a few months ago to be sat here writing my ‘face reveal’ blog post. Yet here we are. And this is me. I don’t really know what to say. Am I scared? 100%. But will this create more opportunites in the future? I damn well hope so!  In the coming months … Continue reading My Face Reveal…

Top 5 Favourite Bakes To Make This Christmas

Hello everyone! Welcome to blogmas day 3. Are you all having a good December so far? Today’s post is packed with my favourite 5 bakes to make at Christmas. Sometimes you get stuck in a cycle of the same recipes over and over - but no longer! My favourite festive treats are not out of … Continue reading Top 5 Favourite Bakes To Make This Christmas

Your Ultimate Christmas Songs Playlist

Undeniably, music has got to be the best part of Christmas (up there with the Doctor Who special). I love listening to festive music even before December and the *sadness* of this year has made even more excuses to get Christmassy early! There will always be Christmas classics and a selection of those have made … Continue reading Your Ultimate Christmas Songs Playlist

Step Into Blogmas! (Let’s Go Together)

People watching snow fall forever and ever! I’m pretty excited - I don’t know if you can tell! This year I’m committing to blogmas. 24 days of content up until Christmas day. The media is going to be saturated with Christmas content so it would mean a great deal if you could read mine. I … Continue reading Step Into Blogmas! (Let’s Go Together)

How to Get Into The Christmas Spirit | Repost From Meghan’s Teen Life

Hi everyone, Catherine here. I wanted to share this post all about getting into the festive spirit. I don't feel like I've felt truly Christmassy for a good few years now - it's not the same without getting a Lego set from Santa - but this post is packed full of tips to make you … Continue reading How to Get Into The Christmas Spirit | Repost From Meghan’s Teen Life