Book Review | If You Still Recognise Me – Cynthia So (Spoiler Free!)

I mentioned I’d like to do a review of this book because it speaks to rekindling old relationships, which I felt was relevant to what I am doing in revisiting my beloved blog to post all sorts of random things! 

‘If You Still Recognise Me’ is ‘a lyrical contemporary story about falling in love and finding yourself in the process, for fans of THE BLACK FLAMINGO, THE FALLING IN LOVE MONTAGE and Alice Oseman.’ (Storygraph)

Elsie has a crush on Ada, the only person in the world who truly understands her. Unfortunately, they’ve never met in real life and Ada lives an ocean away. But Elsie has decided it’s now or never to tell Ada how she feels. That is, until her long-lost best friend Joan walks back into her life.

In a summer of repairing broken connections and building surprising new ones, Elsie realises that she isn’t nearly as alone as she thought. But now she has a choice to make…


I’m so happy to have my own copy of this book! It’s gorgeous. I feel satisfied just looking at it; the spine is a gradient of beautiful pastels that reminds me of Mini Eggs. It is Easter after all. And like chocolate, I devoured this book all in one day.

My Review ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️/5

It was my internet friend, who I had the pleasure of meeting ‘IRL’ last summer, who recommended me this book. We spent a short afternoon in Edinburgh together, and paid a visit to Lighthouse Books, one of their favourite hang out spots. This is where I bought ‘If You Still Recognise Me’, and it has sat on my shelf idly until last Saturday when I picked it up and didn’t put it back down again! It’s an inspiring read for me at this point in my life, so I’m half glad I put off reading it. It opens at the end of the protagonist’s last A-Level exam. The relief and joy it describes is exactly what I needed to hear as I am in the Easter holidays that precede GCSE exams, which in all English students’ minds translates to: revision. I’m trying my best?

I’ve not visited the YA genre in a while, so this was really pleasant. If you’ve enjoyed Alice Oseman’s work, this is a brilliant book for you! It’s exactly what you would call a ‘fluffy romance’, and I think it pioneers in inclusivity. All of the characters are intensely likeable, and I found each relatable at certain points in the narrative. Fandom also plays a key role!

I have nothing but praise for this book! It was scrumptious. I have to say it because food is a really important structure in the book. The descriptions of Chinese cuisine are gorgeous! I want to try it all! 

The main insight I had into the content of this book was from the reviews on the covers and I’m glad I went into it this way. If you want a speedy, interesting, sapphic romance with a bit of mystery and a lot of love, pick this book up! It’s so enjoyable, and a great counterbalance to the devastating book I finished a few days before… see my post on it!

What have you read recently?

Catherine x

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