Springtime Musings

Good afternoon! It’s spring-time, and I’m feeling incredibly refreshed by the sunshine. There were a few things I wanted to share, that I have noticed on my walks around my area, that I want to hold on to for the sense of gratitude of poetic thoughts they inspire. Where I’ve started to lock away my observations about the world because ‘they’re not important’ I realised it’s actually okay to share things. I love to receive other people’s observations about the world around them! Am I really so unimportant that I can’t share my own?

No, I concluded. That came from a conversation I had with my friend late last night, who has recently started his own blog (read it here!) It made me realise how much I’ve missed my own. How much I’ve missed you.

So, the other day I stepped out for a satisfying long wander because 1) it was optimum weather and 2) I was very gripped by an audiobook I borrowed from Libby. Something that really made my smile were these two ducks (mallard – male and female) who were plodding about in a stream. As I approached, silently, just carefully stepping past, they flapped about and made such a noise. It was very comical. I laughed aloud to myself. Generally at the minute I’m overcome by a sense of relief, and it expresses itself at any release of emotion. 

In case you are curious, the book I was listening to was Atonement by Ian McEwan. My lovely friend gave me the recommendation, and I spotted a physical copy in the charity shop on the first day of the hols and I felt compelled to get it! I am so glad that I have read it because it now one of my favourite novels. However, it had a horrible effect on me that I felt torn apart and ruined. Fortunately, on this day, I was not nearing the end, so I felt content. That can’t be said for the day after though. I couldn’t put it down, and then I experienced what some of you may understand to be ‘book hangover’. It has occupied my brain ever since. A five star read, most definitely, but could I also hate it so much that I want to throw it really far? Please, if you have read it, talk to me about it. Shoot me an email so that the comments aren’t laden with spoilers. There is so much to discuss!

Okay, returning to my little walk, it was a perfectly picturesque, sunny day. As I walked along the canal, daffodils lined the grass verges and it looked as though they were singing, with their funnel-like shape, to the sunshine. Surely, if I were a poet, I could articulate what I saw with profound language that would make it appear less crazy of me to observe. Alas I can’t find those words. We’ll move on.

A man with a walking frame was incredibly jolly, walking alongside his family, and loudly said to me as I walked past, ‘Good afternoon!’. Although I greet everyone I meet, and am (most of the time) returned, usually it is not quite so enthusiastic. I couldn’t help but eavesdrop in the conversation he was having with a man next to him, about how he loves this time of year because you can hear the birdsong and, as the branches are still so bare, see the birds singing the tunes. I thought this was very sweet, and also something I hadn’t considered.

My whole life, I have never been the person to be excited about summer. Some part of the foundation of my identity was ‘autumn is my favourite season’. This fact was so dear to me that I don’t think I really took notice to appreciate the other 3/4 of the year. I can’t say my favourite season matters to me anymore. What I think is true, however, is that I love and look forward to springtime and summer. When I visited Kenya for two weeks in February, the sunshine has such a profoundly positive effect on me both mentally and physically. For months previous I was suffering with eczema on my hand. In two weeks of sunshine, it went! And even upon returning to a more stressful life in England, it hasn’t crept up on me again. Fingers crossed it will be gone for good! 

Aside from that, I’m enjoying life at the moment because I think I discovered a new found appreciation for my home when I went to Kenya. They are worlds apart, and I have so many stories and photos to share with you regarding the experience. I am desperate to return, because it feels like a second home now. At first, I was miserable being back in England. I saw so many frowns, which I wasn’t used to when I was away. However, now I’m starting to see everyone rejoice in the oncoming of brighter, sunnier days. Sunshine is an incredible drug. Wherever you find that, I think you find happier people. Although, of course, there are more cynical things I could write on England being ‘miserable’. For now, I’m holding on to my optimism!

I feel this blog post is all over the place, but I welcome you to my stream of conscience.

Gah, I’m reminding myself I love rattling a keyboard with the frantic energy that comes with being full of ideas. Get it down! Get it down before it slips away! 

I try to picture you, on the receiving end of this blog post, as a lover lost to time. We are rekindling our relationship, which always takes more effort that the first encounter. Please know I have missed you. If no-one is there, I guess that speaks to my self-importance.

On that topic, I read a book yesterday (cover to cover because it gripped me so much) that draws on the notion of rediscovering old friends. I feel I need to end this post here, but perhaps I may write a separate review on it? Am I being too ambitious?

Lots of love,


3 thoughts on “Springtime Musings

  1. AHH CATHERINE!! This had me absolutely BEAMING!! What a blessed day, and I’m so happy you’re back, doing what you love! Your view of the world is so beautiful, and you express it so eloquently!! Thank you for being such a huge inspiration to me < 3

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