10 Casual Magic Moments | Reblog From Ella’s Rambles

Hi everyone! First things first, this is a collab (my first one – eee!) with the lovely Catherine. Pleeaaase go check out her blog here, it’s …

10 casual magic moments ✨ – collab with Cath Jane Blog

Happy blogmas day 7!

I’m so privileged to be Ella’s first ever blog collaboration 🥺 You saw my half earlier on in the week, and I thought I would reblog Ella’s half because it’s absolutely beautiful ! I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did 💕

What are your goals for the week?

And best of luck achieving them 😉 I believe in you! My goals for this week are to contribute fully and give my best efforts to online lessons, get out of my comfort zone and post more chatty stories in Instagram, plus getting out for some fresh air every day!

Have a lovely week,

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