My Face Reveal…

Never did I expect a few months ago to be sat here writing my ‘face reveal’ blog post.

Yet here we are.

And this is me.

I don’t really know what to say. Am I scared? 100%. But will this create more opportunites in the future? I damn well hope so! 

In the coming months I wish to experiment more with video creation on my IGTV, including a collab that will be going up very soon with my internet best friends. I had to do a face reveal before the launch of this exciting video, and there’s no time like the present. Creating videos has been a passion of mine for very long and being able to channel this through platforms like Instagram has been playing on my mind. With such ventures, I would prefer to share my appearance. So goodbye anonymity…

Hello, everything?

Thank you so much for your support and encouragement on this long journey…

Cheers to a new chapter,

Catherine x

Any negative remarks or comments about my appearance will be removed. Please use the comment section to share love and not bullying. Thank you ❤

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32 thoughts on “My Face Reveal…

  1. Ahhh lysmmm girl! I can’t wait to see your future videos! Your IGTVs were great when u were anonymous I can only imagine what they would be like now that you’re showing your face! Love ya 💕

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  2. Hi Catherine! I totally admire your courage in terms of revealing your identity. I haven’t gotten there yet-not even with my voice-but I hope I do someday. Excited to see the videos when I’ve the time!
    P.S you’re gorgeous!

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  3. Wow you are gorgeous!! I am glad you had the courage to share your face reveal- I probably won’t do one for a while but hopefully will by the time I am in college! Can’t wait to see all of your upcoming projects!

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  4. Who dat? Dat you!
    Beauuutiful girl – lovely to ‘see’ you!

    This is a BIG step! Bigger than the name reveal, though neither are easy. I was TERRIFIED the first time I ‘came out’ on my blog, let alone when I talked about my stoma and other stuff. I don’t have the balls to do videos even though I’ve been toying with the idea for a while. Maybe one day. I hope this gives you the encouragement and confidence you need to pursue whatever opportunities you’d like to go after from here on out.

    Caz xx

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      This is such a kind comment – I don’t think I deserve it!

      100% it took more courage than the name reveal. But because I was so swept up in school work it felt like less of a ‘thing’ if that makes sense? Videos scare me – I cringe when I edit them – but I hope it will be nice for people to watch in the end.

      I’d give it a try! You’re much better than you think ✨

      Catherine x

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  5. Beautiful girl! We have such a lovely and supportive community here- I definitely don’t see any bullying going on, especially directed at you- who’d have the heart? You are way too sweet and genuine! I’m glad you’ve posted your face reveal and are feeling more courageous and ready to take on what’s coming next x

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    • AWW MARYAM! You’re so kind… too kind 😭 I’m really excited to see what will happen next now the alias has lifted! I wish I could just give you a hug or something because your kind words are so touching 🥺 Thank you for everything – I’m just AHHH! 💕


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