Step Into Blogmas! (Let’s Go Together)

People watching snow fall forever and ever!

I’m pretty excited – I don’t know if you can tell!

This year I’m committing to blogmas. 24 days of content up until Christmas day. The media is going to be saturated with Christmas content so it would mean a great deal if you could read mine. I will also make sure not all the posts are festive because quite a number of my followers are Muslim or not religious at all 🙂 

Excitingly, there are going to be a few collabs coming your way. At the moment I have scheduled one per week!

Over on Instagram, I will be posting frequently: every Saturday, Monday, Wednesday and Friday. There is an amazing IGTV coming your way too which I can’t wait for you to watch. Experimenting with video making this month is going to be a priority.

Tomorrow I’ll be greeting you with the first *official* day of blogmas which is a Christmas playlist. 

I hope you’re ready for all the content I have planned for the next 25 days.

Will you be joining?

Have a fabulous December,

Catherine x

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20 thoughts on “Step Into Blogmas! (Let’s Go Together)

  1. I considered Blogmas especially since this is the first year in all the time I’ve been blogging that I don’t have finals going on. But.. I’ve been creatively burnt out recently so I won’t be doing it. All the best to you, though!


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