Want To Reduce Your Screen Time? Here’s How:

I’m sure a lot of you want to reduce your screen time. It’s easier said than done, but it is do-able. We’re not alien to the science that proves lower screen time is better for us. So how do we turn that information into actionable steps?

These five tips are ones I stick to religiously and they help keep my phone screen time under an hour a day.

My desk and my bed are literally centimetres apart so this is the only angle I could get 🤣

Mini disclaimer time: 

We live in a virtual age – so don’t set unattainable goals. We need screens to function in this modern world and ‘screen time’ shouldn’t be shameful. Technology opens up so many doors. It’s saved us during the pandemic. We must keep in mind that is the backbone to our lives. This post is simply to help reduce excess screen time, like scrolling or browsing or looking at memes that aren’t even funny (that last one was for me).

1. Avoid an hour before bed

I do use the night light filter on my phone, iPad, laptop etc from around 6pm onwards. Even with this added protection, screens aren’t ideal just before bed. I like to switch off at 8pm on weekdays, and sometimes even earlier. You’re not putting down your phone for the sake of putting down your phone, you’re doing it because it benefits your health! Keep this in mind as you start switching off more regularly. In the beginning it can be a struggle but when you get past that stage you start seeing the many benefits low screen time gives. Often additional screen time is wasted time anyway.

2. Avoid an hour after waking up

Those first few peaceful moments in the morning should be savoured before the day kicks in. By leaving them on the side in the morning, you’re not only reducing your screen time but also allowing for more headspace. More clarity. Less clutter.

3. No screens when eating

If you stop using screens when eating meals, you’ll notice how significantly your screen time drops. Often you won’t just be on your phone while eating, but once you’ve finished you’ll continue and oops half an hour just vanished. 

4. Timelapse study periods/productive hours

Obviously this won’t make your screen time any lesser according to your phone, but you won’t actually be using your phone is more the point. When you study – TIMELAPSE! Then you can’t possibly go on your phone without interrupting the timelapse. And who wants to end a satisfying roll of film? Not you. This trick is really handy when you need to concentrate on something – not necessarily studying.

I always post these time lapses to my Instagram story so if you need a little bit of study inspiration please check out my ‘study’ highlight ✨

5. Replace your phone with other recreational activity 

Please don’t be that fool who promises themselves ‘the time I gain from not being on my phone I’ll use to do this, this and this’. When you normally grab for your phone, grab for something else. And it doesn’t have to be ‘productive’. I have a little Christmas puzzles book that I use in time where it would be normal to ‘just scroll’. Some good ideas are wordsearches, a book, knitting, listening to music, crosswords, journaling. I go on my phone as a distraction when things get too difficult, and my phone makes me happy/hold me off the problem for a while. Find something that will make you happy and carry it around with you, like a phone, so when you do want a little break you can do that instead of scrolling.

Knitting is my happy distraction ☺️

One of my goals for 2021 is to be a little more ‘analouge’ and less ‘digital’. Some weekends I completely switch off from social media without warning. I am a bit of a micro-influencer these days, and sometimes a digital cleanse makes me feel guilty towards my audience. But it shouldn’t. Because you’re always here for me. And that’s why I love you so much. 

Thank you for reading!

Which one of these tips are you going to put into action? Do you have any desire to reduce your screen time, and why?

Want to have some deeper chats in the comments today, so please do leave your thoughts below. 

Catherine x


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21 thoughts on “Want To Reduce Your Screen Time? Here’s How:

  1. These are all great tips!! I’m on the screen a lot since my school is in video format, but when I’m not doing school I try not to be on the screen as much as possible. Not having a phone helps a ton!


    Liked by 1 person

  2. but its also okay if, like me, you need to watch something to be able to eat! (anyone else struggling with eating disorders, you’re worth the world and don’t give up! you’re not alone❤️)

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you for sharing. This needs to be heard. I tried to mention it in the post but, since I do not suffer an eating disorder, it seemed wrong and not my place.

      I hope someone reads this and it lights up their day.

      Stay strong 🙂 x


  3. I once did a time-lapse and it really helped me stay focused on chemistry (which I hate!). This is gonna sound bad but I always look forward to the evening because that’s the time I mostly dedicate to social media (excluding blog social media). I really ought to reduce the time I spend – sometimes if it gets really bad, I just switch everything off! Enjoyed reading this post xx

    Liked by 1 person

    • There’s nothing wrong with social media if you have curated a good feed on the app. I sometimes look forward to opening Instagram too! It’s very relative – as I mentioned in the little disclaimer.

      Often you’re not even aware of it but comparison can be detrimental. I like to limit my screen time just in case I catch myself being negative!

      I’m so glad you enjoyed reading x

      Liked by 1 person

  4. I love this Catherine!! I can’t believe your screen time is under 1 hour!! That’s so impressive especially because of your blog and Instagram! One of my goals for December is to spend less than 2.5 hours a day on my phone. So, this post was so helpful- thank you!!💓

    Liked by 1 person

    • Haha – don’t let this fool you! I approach most of my blogging through the laptop and Instagram through my iPad. I spent up to 30 minutes on the app every day. It’s really due to how busy I am with school. I would like to spend more time and effort on social media 🙂 x


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