Goodbye Kitty Jade…


Hope you are all well. I’m looking forward to catching up with you all in the comments. When the academic year kicked in, I took an unannounced and completely needed hiatus from blogging. School had to take the front seat and I am still focusing on my studies as a priority.

However, I have missed you all.

I have had this platform since I was quite young and it has evolved as I have. We started out this journey together under the alias Kitty Jade which, since today, has been archived. I make it sound like I’ve lost a friend but it isn’t that dramatic. My content is changing, I’m growing up, and it seems sensible for this blog to grow with me.

Let’s address the elephant in the room, shall we?

New logo, new name, but underneath it is still me: Catherine.

I spent quite a while deciding how to incorporate my name into my online identity but eventually found Cath Jane would be perfect. The username is available on all platforms which is great, and it means there’s no more confusion with people calling me Kitty! Kitty Jade was this character I took on when I was fearful of the large expanse of Internet. It was a little safety blanket. 

Teenage years are a time of change and three years doesn’t seem long, but for me it’s a lifetime. Back when I revealed my name in lockdown I knew there was change looming on the horizon. This just feels like the right decision to embrace myself! To be completely, unapologetically me!

One night I was watching Bake Off when I came up with my logo idea. Yellow is my favourite colour so I went for an in-your-face shade! Hope you don’t find it too distracting. I will be working on a website banner but that’s less of a priority at the moment. Because you can’t have a blog without content!

I did promise a few collabs with certain people that I aim to finish and send off soon. Collabs are going to take the backseat because I’m finding it hard to stick to my commitments! (CEO of signing up to too many things) I will however, be relying on your kindness and willingness to be interviewed. I will make a constant effort to reach out to big names and companies and ask if they wish to be involved in a climate change discussion/interview in my Plastic Plan series. The Plastic Plan is always a work in progress and the name is also subject to change to a more inclusive one. Climate Change With Catherine, Catherine’s Take, Zero Waste Wednesday?

That is all I have to offer today! November is the month for me. Schedule to be decided but the break has rejuvenated my creative mind and I’m so excited for what lies ahead! I may already be dreaming of blogmas…

Thank you for waiting patiently throughout the past few months as I have been silent on my blog and social media. 

Here’s to a new chapter, Cath Jane Blog!

Catherine x

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39 thoughts on “Goodbye Kitty Jade…

    • Eek, I know, it’s been a while in the making! Aww, I’m glad it has the effect. The bright yellow is definitely what I’m like when you get to know me 🤣 I really appreciate you stopping by: thank you for being my biggest cheerleader leapt last couple of years (we have been following each other for that long 🥰) x


  1. Welcome back – I LOVE the logo! I didn’t expect Bake Off to have inspired it but I’m glad it did because it really works. Are you happy being called Cath or would you prefer Catherine? It’s a good idea to focus on studies, but at least you have your own space here to work on when you have time, and a tribe of friends and readers when you need them. I think it’s a fab idea to grow and expand your blog identity as you grow yourself. Exciting times! xx

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    • Thank you Caz! How are you? We haven’t spoken in such a long time! I honestly don’t mind, I know it’s been very confusing with the whole Erin scenario. But finally we are free of pen names! This is actually my name 🤣 Yes, there is no other choice but to focus on school. Lots of work to complete and I must invest my time into it 💗 I’m so happy you’ve stuck with me, I can’t wait for you to see the new content ☺️ x

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    • I used Adobe Sketch to draw it, if that’s what you mean! Yellow is my favourite colour so it all stemmed from that really. Plus, it does stand out. The rest came naturally but if you’re struggling I would take a look at Bullet Journal Inspiration on Pinterest. They have lots of pins with different ways to write titles – and I suppose that’s what a logo is really! *please don’t let the graphic design students attack me hehe* x

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