Where I’ve Been + October Goals

Long time, no type! Hope you’re all well. Thank you for continuing to support my blog while I’ve been away. I’ve not replied to your comments but I have see them pop into my inbox, and I look forward to chatting with you all again.

As you will understand, September is back to school season. That is why I haven’t posted to my regular schedule since mid-August. I’ve been bombarded with work! I can cope with it, it’s just very overwhelming. I’ve had 6 months with no commitments, no brain puzzles, no people. I need to accept that I can’t blog 24/7 (as I used to) while school is in my life. That’s okay! I’m not a superhero, and I will not try to be. 

In the next few years, academics will only become more important. They will be my priority so I can’t pressure myself into being a perfect blogger when blogging is not my job (even though I’d love it to be). This blog isn’t going on the back burner – no way! It’s my passion and I love it very dearly. 

Life’s been good. I’ve finally got into the swing of things in my new school. Not quite found balance between reading, blogging, cello and school yet but we’ll get there as I become more adjusted to the ‘normal’ lifestyle.

We’re also crawling closer to Christmas! A gingerbread scented candle is burning happily away in my room right now. It smells DIVINE! The other day I finished my rewatch of the Harry Potter films and it was so cosy and comforting. Dark mornings aren’t very inviting, but the nights drawing in are certainly hygge.

Many people will be curious about how coronavirus precautions are operating at my school. We have to wear masks in the buildings, but not in classrooms. We have ‘year group bubbles’ which is Bo Jo’s genius idea. I don’t know how it works but between lessons and after school we mash together anyway. Upon entrance of classrooms we disinfect the tables with antibacterial spray. We are also required to sanitise our hands.

I’m no scientist but anti-bacterial spray and anti-bacterial hand gel only kills bacteria. Not viruses! And they’re two very different things. I understand the precaution and I will abide of course. There is no proper ‘virus protection’ however.

I took a break from social media. I occasionally open Instagram on desktop to look at DMs but it’s completely gone from my phone. I don’t know when or if I’ll return, but I know now isn’t the right time. It does help drive traffic towards my blog but I’m not worried about stats at the minute. I need to solidify where I want this blog to go!

I am working on a few changes in terms of this website. My profile photo and other things need a revamp so I’ve been staying up late on my iPad drawing out ideas for logos and website banners! I can’t promise when that will be ready but I’m hoping before the new year.

There are so many more great things going on. I have been accepted into a trip with Girl Guiding to Kenya! It will be an expense so I am depending on some of your help and support to raise the funds. I will be flying out in February 2022. Due to coronavirus, I won’t be able to carry out my regular fundraising ideas. But I’m thinking up new and creative ways (many being online). If you have any ideas, I’d love to hear them!

My new obsession is pom-pom making. When Bake Off comes on on a Tuesday evening, Mum crochets and I make pom-poms! I’m working on a garland to go across the long wall of my bedroom. It’s alternating yellow and white. Tuesdays are now my favourite day because of my new hobby.

Speaking of telly, Strictly Come Dancing starts soon. My friend and I are fully obsessed. It’s trashy but it’s good trash – you know? Some of you may have read that heartfelt post about my Granny. She adored dancing, specifically Strictly, so I will never not watch it. Besides – who can resist that theme song?

Since deleted social media, I’ve been filling time where I used to scroll reading. In 2019 my blog was book centred which is very telling of that stage in my life. Through lockdown I stopped reading as much but now I’m beginning to love it again. 

I was also in a love/hate relationship with cello. But since having lessons again I’ve fallen in love with the instrument. The better I become, the more I enjoy it. I just have to overcome those parts where it’s ‘too hard’. Things I used to find difficult are now easy-peasy. But Grade 3 is pretty hard. I took my Grade 1 in 2019 so this is a leap but I’m handling it okay. The main difference is switching positions and getting the intonation perfect.

This post is more for me (a time capsule, so to say) than it is entertainment for you, but I suppose it’s nice for you to know what I’ve been up to behind the scenes!

October Goals

Now we move on to the part of the post that excites my Slytherin heart: ambitious goals! Here are a list of my aims for October (some easier than others):

  • make a chai latte
  • make pumpkin spice baked donuts
  • stay on top of blog comments, Instagram comments, DMs and emails. I will put this into action by having a weekly ‘blog afternoon’ where I just sit down and get admin tasks done. 
  • post 2x a week on my blog and get geared up for Blogmas
  • finish all the books I’m in the middle of

At the end of October I’ll come back to review my goals and hopefully say that I’ve achieved them! The blog admin one is so important to me. These notifications popping up everywhere get overwhelming if I allow them to pile up.

All the books I’m in the middle of!

Thank you for reading, if you’ve made it to the end. I plan to post every Tuesday and Friday from now on! I hope you appreciate the photos that I took, exported, edited and uploaded very late on Thursday night for you. 

Take care and wear your mask,

catherine x

25 thoughts on “Where I’ve Been + October Goals

  1. First of all, I love your goals! I think we should have give ourselves goal to meet and we just compete with ourselves. I try setting goals and never share them with others, but I manage to get most met. And, second of all, thank you for adding the wear a mask reminder to people. It is so frustrating because everyone in the states thinks the virus is joke and it is so serious. I just do not every lean that house. Thank you sweet and continue to take care!

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    • That’s great to hear! But it’s not great to hear about the situation in the States. You have the election coming up which is no doubt very tense. I hope Trump doesn’t get in for a second term, but I’ve heard Biden isn’t much better! Try to stay sane lovely!!! x

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      • Things with the election are pretty insane! I think it is scary because we have 2 crazy old men going back and forth with each other. If Trump gets reelected, the United States is over and in for a lot of trouble. My husband and I are planning to leave the states if he does get reelected. True, Biden isn’t much better but he isn’t any worse and seems like he might have some sense!

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      • I agree! Trump’s clever ideas to make voting difficult aren’t helping. I assume he will be reelected which is really devastating. I know we don’t want him to get in for another term, but I feel like it’s inevitable. I don’t understand what goes through people’s heads to support such a man. There’s been a really interesting programme on telly about Trump. I do need to know more about American politics! But one thing’s for sure – EVERYONE NEEDS TO VOTE x

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      • I am so sorry for my very delayed response. I hope he doesn’t get reelected because I do not think our country can survive another 4 years of his corrupt and evil ways. I am working on a post that is going to make at least one person angry, but it is a must. You are right everyone needs to get out and vote, but not for Trump, I think his cult followers are almost worst than him because they are the reason he is where he is.


  2. Hi Catherine, it’s so lovely to have you back in the blogoshpere; I have missed you! I hope school isn’t t stressful and your finding a balance that works for you. That Girls Guide trip sounds fantastic! Good luck with your goals, I really need to start prep for blogmas too hahah. Lots of love, meg x

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    • School isn’t stressful really – I’ve just had a lot on. I’m not sure how I managed to maintain blogging last year! It will work out eventually. I’m looking forward to a half term so I can write and drink tea all day. How are you? x

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  3. Hiii! Finally saw a post of yours pop up! Take it easy gurl. It’s my most important year so I’m posting only twice a month. I’m just not into the whole pressuring myself business. I do whatever feels right. Totally dig your determination though! Also I saw “One of Us Is Lying” as a book and let’s say I loved the whole series ❤

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    • I’m glad you’re excited to see me back! It’s not pressuring myself, I just enjoy structure and routine. I’m part way through One Of Us Is Lying and really enjoying it. I think I’ll be reading the rest of the series, too <33


  4. Hi Catherine! I’m glad your back, I missed your posts 💛 I took a break from my blog/social media too over the summer, as everything just got so busy with a couple of projects I was working on. That’s exciting about Kenya! I used to be in the Guides but I had to quit because it was the same evening as orchestra 🙈 I loved Brownies though. I’m so excited for Strictly to start! I bought Strictly pyjamas the other week and I can’t wait for the new series to start so I can wear them! 😂 It’s just my favourite time of year, I love the music, the dancing and of course the costumes! And it just makes me feel so cosy ☺️

    Emily M

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    • Aww! Hi Emily. So nice to *speak* to you again. Summer was so un-busy for me and going back to school was a real shock to the system. Ooh, what instrument do you play? It seems all clubs are on a Wednesday night where I’m from. I want to do rugby but it crosses over with Guides which is a shame 😥 STRICTLY PYJAMAS? That sounds awesome. I’m so excited for the new series. Like you say, it does feel cosy and I can’t wait to be snuggled up on a Saturday and Sunday night in my huge yellow blanket watching it :)) Thank you for stopping by x

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      • I play clarinet and I’m currently teaching myself guitar. Same here, for me literally every club is either Mondays or Wednesdays! I really wanted to join the art club but that clashed with orchestra too 🤦🏼‍♀️ I bought the Strictly pyjamas from George at Asda, and I got another pair of Strictly pyjamas from there a couple of years ago too ☺️ I just can’t wait for the new series to start! It feels really strange it’s not on yet as there is still a couple of weeks til the launch, but usually it starts the first week of September, and Autumn just doesn’t feel quite right without it x


  5. My oh my! What an exciting post. So glad you popped up in my reader! We’ve all missed you and your lovely musings dearly. You must be so pumped for Kenya! What an incredible opportunity for Girl Guides. What do you think you’ll do there?

    Strictly Come Dancing sounds like a show my mum would love. She’s been a dancer for over four years now and has a decent amount of experience. She’s good at what she does but frequently watches baby ballroom and other similar shows to pick up skills and just inspire her.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m so glad! I’m very excited for Kenya. We’ll be going to a rural area close to Mombasa to carry out a service project. Girl Guides built a school there but it’s gone a bit shabby. It’s our mission to paint and do it up! We also get to deliver our own sessions with the children. There’s so much money to raise but I’m confident I’ll get there.

      Anyway, how are you doing?

      Strictly is a show for everyone! It’s British tradition and ultimately trashy. But still – it holds memories <33 Very excited for the new series!!!

      Take care,

      Catherine x


      • That’s wonderful. Just goes to shows how far a little kindness can go in changing lives! The kids will be overjoyed, I’m sure.

        I’m doing well thank you! Just having a nice, restful afternoon. I’ve popped on a podcast and will put together the questions for our interview (:


  6. I love the pom-poms they are sooo cute. Also let me know when you’re in Kenya and I would love to hang out if possible!!

    Oh and my site seems to have automatically unfollowed yours for some reason but I will definitely refollow it when I am able to. Unfortunately I am having some issues right now but I should be okay once I self-host.


  7. oooh please do share your donuts if you do them!! I tried a pumpkin spice latte for the first time last month (an iced version, since it was super hot that day) and I’m now looking for some similar recipes 😀

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    • I certainly will! Ooh, I’ve tried a pumpkin spice latte before. I can’t really remember (it was just after a book signing so I was really giddy). I’ll try and find some pumpkin spice ideas for you Marta! x

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    • That’s lovely! Thank you so much for reading. I am really excited for Kenya, but the fundraising efforts are going to be quite difficult. It will be extra worth it though, considering the end result. How are you doing? Are you doing online learning at all? x


  8. Hey! Glad you’re back and I absolutely understand your order of priorities. I mean, I do the same too😂 And boy, isn’t it overwhelming to suddenly have so much of “real” work after this break. But I’m not complaining🤷‍♀️😅 I’m just hoping I dont let my blog to die though. Congrats on your Guides!❤
    And lovee the pom-poms!! Xx

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