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Hello everyone! Welcome back to my blog. Today is a bonus post, since I don’t usually post on Thursdays. However, I was offered the chance to be interviewed for my lovely friend Zainab’s ‘Blogger Confessions’ series. Therefore I thought it was appropriate to share Zainab’s corresponding guest post on the same day. Hope that made sense, it is a little hard to explain! Today Zainab is taking you through Why YOU Should Start A Blog. This seems very appropriate for my Pinterest audience. I am bombarded with DMs on Pinterest daily ‘what advantage is a blog to my business’ ‘how should I start blogging’. To clear up those frequently asked questions, Zainab took it upon herself to write a guest post summarising it all.

If you are interested in beginning a blog, I’m always here to offer assistance. A DM on Instagram is the easiest way to communicate with me. I also have a ‘blog strategy’ section on my website. Need some tips to help grow your blog? Look no further than over there! 

This is supposed to be a guest post, so I’ll shut up. Hope you enjoy Zainab’s, quite literal, chats!

Hello, everyone! My name is Zainab, from my blog Zainab Chats! I was so thrilled when Catherine asked my to guest post on her blog, so I thought what better post than telling you why any of you should start a blog! I’ll be going through some post ideas and the best platforms to begin blogging with.

Why Should I Start A Blog?

So one of the questions I get a lot is: why did I start my blog? The answer always is, blogging is a way for me to express myself! It can be a way for you to express yourself too, writing things down always helps me to clear my mind and I know it’s a great stress reliever for other people too! So, if you ever feel stressed, you can write a blog post and that could benefit your mood. Another reason why is the community. I guarantee you, once you start blogging you’re going to see a lot of positive comments or DMs from people saying you’ve inspired them or helped them with something, that’s how lovely the blogging community is and you will meet so many amazing people that can help you with your blog or give you some great opportunities!

Where Do I Start A Blog?

Okay, now that I’ve convinced you to start a blog, let’s get into the fun! How do you start a blog? Well, there are so many blogging platforms to choose from! I started off on Blogger which is free and all you need is your Google Account. While Blogger is great for beginners, as I got more serious about blogging I found that there were many issues: I couldn’t customise how my site looked and as not many people used Blogger, and I never got a comment! So, if you’re looking for somewhere to just put your writing, Blogger is the platform for you.

However, if you’re looking to share your tips with people I would definitely recommend WordPress! WordPress is one of the most popular blogging sites out there, and it really focuses on community. Even if you don’t advertise your blog, people can find it through the WordPress Reader and you can find new blogs to read too. WordPress also offers a free plan for beginners as well as a paid plan if you’re looking to be more serious!

Get Started! 

Okay, now that you have decided to make a blog and you chose your platform, get writing! Use your blog to express your ideas, thoughts and feelings! Everyone loves reading new blog content so I can guarantee you will find some loyal readers, so keep persevering and trying to grow your blog. 

Thanks so much to Catherine once again for letting me write my guest post! Bye everyone!

That’s it from Zainab today. If you enjoyed, please do continue reading Zainab’s blog for similar content (just click here!). She also owns a stunning Instagram, which I will link here. Zainab never fails to make me smile, and I hope you could see her positive vibe through today’s post. 

I’ll see you back again tomorrow with another post!

Why did you start a blog? Who is your biggest blogging inspiration?

catherine x

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12 thoughts on “Why You Should Start A Blog | Guest Post By Zainab Chats

    • You’re very welcome! I wish I could have been more productive with the collaboration (photos and everything) but time simply slipped away. You’re an amazing person too! Anonymous bloggers unite :)) x


  1. Hi Catherine, I loved this post so thank you very much Zainab! I -like many other teenage girls- started my blog my blog because of the book ‘Girl Online’ and how much I loved the books, especially the blog parts. I have always idolised over writing a blog and spilling all my feelings out onto a keyboard. I haven’t quite plucked up the courage to write that deep yet and I’m sure if I want my blog to be like that as I’ve progressed and am understanding myself as a blogger. WordPress is the only app I’ve ever used for my blog but it has never let me down! The comments I get from some of my readers literally melts my heart! I have two favourite bloggers and inspirations, who’s blogs have helped me so much with my own, so I want to say the biggest thank you I possibly can to you, Catherine! Your blog has helped me to find my niches and progress as a blogger. And another big thank you to Daisy because without her blog I’m not sure if I’d be writing this comment right now! Take care, Meg x

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    • Aww I’m so glad you enjoyed the post, Meg! That means so much to me. Yes, Girl Online helped many of us get to our keyboards and where we are today. It’s so important to take your time. Aww I’m glad you are starting to understand where you wish to go with your blog, and I can’t believe I helped you in that! You are more than welcome. It’s such a pleasure to see you grow and expand your corner of the Internet. As for Daisy, she is so amazing. I absolutely love her content and she continues to inspire me to be a better person. Sending my love, Catherine x

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  2. This post was so much fun to read! Zainab gave some great tips for beginners new to blogging that I wish I learned when I first started! I started blogging because I love to write and I wanted to share things about me. Strangely enough, I read Girl Online around the time I started my first blog! 😂 my biggest blogger inspirations are you and many other blogger friends I’ve made! You all continue to inspire me to become a better blogger and person 🤩🤩

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m so glad! Zainab is THE person to turn to if ever you need advice and tips. I stated out knowing next to nothing, other than a bit of background knowledge from Girl Online. Aww, that’s so sweet! The teen blogging community is such a positive space to be in. We all inspire and bounce off each other. I love being here. Thank you for reading 🙂 x

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  3. 🤍🤍🤍 I loved this post and it seems I share some of my interests with Zainab. I would love her and you to leave a comment on my posts kindly, it would mean a lot.

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