Six Word Story

It is liberating to be alive.

To be alive and healthy is something I take for granted, and that’s completely normal. But today, in the beautiful sunshine, I was smiling to myself. I was so happy to be under the sun, living with my family! It’s those little moments when you realise ‘I’m so lucky to be alive’ that make your day. Hope you get this feeling, too. Take care of yourselves, lovelies! Sorry for the abundance of six word stories, I’ve just been super inspired lately.

catherine x




26 thoughts on “Six Word Story

    • Ahh, really? That’s so lovely of you. I was a little doubtful of how ‘good’ this one is but I’m happy people like it hehe. Hope you’re well, Caz. What’s going on in your life at the moment? x

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      • Ahh not an awful lot haha! I’ve been doing a bit of painting and reading. Planning to get fish and chips and watching the sunset with my friends tonight which I am looking forward to! What about you, anything exciting going on? Xx

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      • That sounds really relaxing, I hope you’ve enjoyed it. That sounds amazing! I love getting chips and curry sauce. Wish I lived right on the coast, so I could wake up to the sea air every morning. And the seagulls! Can’t wait to go on holiday when it’s safe. Nothing exciting going on, really. Its my first day of the summer hols which I’m so happy about. This morning my mum and I went cello browsing hehe. I need my own cello for when I go back to school in September. At the minute I’m borrowing one! x

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