Time For A Rhyme

If it weren’t for a breeze,

And the shaking of your knees,

You wouldn’t see the stillness of the trees.

Autumnal vibes in this photo!

Found this one in my drafts and I thought it was worth sharing. Because even though will get shaken up, made anxious and have rough patches, they only make us appreciate the little things more. I’m in a group chat with a few girls who are all very interested LOA (Law Of Attraction), and our chats together have inspired me to start journaling. Along with rambling, I write 3 things a day that I’m grateful for. I would recommend to absolutely everyone, no matter what situation you’re in!

What are you grateful for?

catherine x



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18 thoughts on “Time For A Rhyme

    • Aww thank you! I used to do a LOT of poetry on my blog a few years back, and I looked back on it a few days ago to find it was absolute cringe. There are no tips to share, I’m afraid. It just comes naturally to me. I would recommend that you don’t force it upon yourself; inspiration comes in waves!


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