5 Ways To Share Your Support To The Black Lives Matter Movement | Guest Post By Simple Little Things

Why has Black Lives Matter suddenly disappeared from your stories? Injustice doesn’t end after a few protests. You’ve got to keep supporting the movement. You’ve got to keep having those uncomfortable conversations. This is a post written by my new blogging friend, Ana. Included are 5 ways to support the movement. Anything written in italics are adaptations from me, Erin. The rest are Ana’s words.

Educating yourself

Knowing about current issues are very
important. Educating yourself about the movement not
only enlightens you but you also helps the person who
wanted to spread the awareness. There is so much to learn about this topic, since it doesn’t get taught enough on the school curriculum.


Signing up petitions can also help you voice
yourself and preferably heard by the government.

I suggest you click on this link. My friend made a Linktree with loads of petitions to sign. They are the ‘main’ ones, if you will. However, by browsing Change.org, you will find loads more worthy causes. Once signed, share to your Instagram! Not to be performative, but to encourage others to take the steps you’re taking.

This photo is not mine


No matter how small or big your platform is,
keep raising your voice. Your never know one day when
you will be heard. I always see various messages related to
the movement being spread on my friend Erin’s Instagram
account. It is truly fascinating to see her make use of her
platform to the most.

Thank you dearly, Ana! I don’t think I make enough effort but I keep trying. Sharing resources it the most helpful, and that’s what I try to do through my platforms.

Cute piece of artwork chosen by Ana


I know you’re wondering if you donate money –
will it reach the necessary organisation? Here’s what you
can do, start small. It always doesn’t have to be a huge
amount. Your contribution and awareness is all that
matters. Make sure you find a reliable organization too
and I am sure that your money will be valued.

These are organisations you can donate to:






This photo is also taken from Safari (not taken by me)

Say the name

Do not ever hesitate to say the name. It is
due to the reason that we did not talk about the incidents
that happened to so many others like George Floyd, we never got the chance to know them. Talk about it. Join groups and share your ideas. There are so many productive things that you can do.

Ana chose this photo to be added in! It’s so powerful.

This isn’t a collaboration to gain views, engagement, likes etc. I just want to shed light on an important issue. If you haven’t heard of Ana, you should definitely check out her blog and Instagram. She writes skincare/health/beauty posts. I find them really useful, and decided to write a guest post for her blog in return. I will link that here. It’s 5 ways to prevent greasy hair. However, I’d much prefer you to click on the links of resources. Support BLM. The fight never ends.

How are you going to keep supporting anti-racism? What have we missed from this list?

Educate us by leaving your comments below. This needs discussion.

catherine x



15 thoughts on “5 Ways To Share Your Support To The Black Lives Matter Movement | Guest Post By Simple Little Things

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  2. This fight is so far from over and yes we should not forget about BLM just because you hear less about it on the news/social media. It is still very much ongoing. Thanks for posting this amazing post Erin and thanks for writing it Ana!

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