My Name Isn’t Erin | A New Chapter

My name is Catherine. Erin is an abbreviation I used for blogging. I used to need to separate my two ‘identities’: online and offline. Now I am less reliant on that idea. I am going to embrace who I am, Catherine, in all walks of life. That includes this blog. It’s just a small announcement I’d like to make because I felt like I was being dishonest to you all. The blog is still going to be Kitty Jade though!

Kitty is derived from Catherine. My mum used to call me that a lot.

My middle name is Jane, but Kitty Jane didn’t have the same ring to it as Kitty Jade. Plus Jade is a beautiful colour.

And Erin was a name I made up on a whim. But I’d much rather be known as Catherine to all of you, since that is my honest name.

Hope I haven’t confused any of you! Thank you for being so supportive through these mini-identity crises and crazy changes. The content won’t change at all. I won’t change at all. It’s only the label (like when Morrison’s change their home-brand packaging)

Signing off,

Catherine x

P.S I understand that some of you may want to unfollow, due to my lack of transparency over the last few years. Please, go ahead if you feel you need to. I deeply apologise. Anonymity was a shield I held up for myself in fear, rather than fun. Now I am confident enough to be known as Catherine on the blogosphere and I would appreciate support for that. It was fun while you were here.



32 thoughts on “My Name Isn’t Erin | A New Chapter

  1. So umm… should I start calling you Catherine? 😁
    I don’t think you were being dishonest by using pen names though. And I don’t understand why anyone would judge you for that and unfollow you for it.
    You are you no matter what name you use. The stuff you write is you.
    Catherine is the name of favorite Star Trek captain 😆

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    • Yes please, Jessica! I’m sure there will be a few to unfollow but that’s completely okay. I don’t really mind – and I only want people like you (kind and supportive) to stay hehe. Oh my Dad is MAD on Star Trek. Not a big fan myself, I think the original series is where my obsession ends. Love a bit of Doctor Who though haha x


  2. I’m SO proud of you Catherine! I’ve been following you for only a few months, but I’ve easily seen how great of a blogger and overall person you are! Creating Kitty Jade and Erin from your name is just pure genius! I can’t wait to see what’s coming next for you and I’m so happy that you felt confident enough to share your name with all of us! Keep being an awesome, caring, and 1D loving human!

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    • This means the WORLD to me, Manasa! Just by calling me Catherine makes everything seem more sincere. We have only known eachother a few months and I’m so happy I’ve been able to share my writings with you. Catherine is a very versatile name, haha. Aww you keep being an awesome human too! I suppose you’re also a huge fan of One Direction? x


  3. Catherine is such a beautiful name and I’m glad you were able to share it with us all:) Many people use pen names while blogging for anonymity and there is nothing wrong with that!
    Can’t wait to continue reading your blog 😂

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  4. Regardless of the name you choose, you’re still you! How can someone berate you for doing something that brings you comfort? I personally think that this wasn’t dishonesty. You chose to be anonymous for personal & security reasons and that’s fine. Will still be following you! But I wanted to ask…which name do you prefer to be referred by??

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    • Thank you Nour! Your understanding is very kind. I’m so happy you are still going to support me. It really means a lot! I would prefer to be referred to as Catherine, if that’s okay. Will take a bit of getting used to but we’ll get there 🙂

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  5. I will support you know matter what! I have been following for a short time, but I love the way you express yourself and put your thoughts into words! You have a beautiful blog! Keep being amazing!😊💖

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    • Thank you so, so much! I’m glad you have found my blog because I absolutely love interacting with new followers. You’re so lovely and your comment has really motivated me. Keep being amazing too!

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  6. Hi Catherine! That’s a lovely name! There’s nothing wrong with using pen names or being anonymous that’s why I don’t think you’re dishonest. You’re still you when you’re blogging. I will still support you all the way! 💖

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  7. Catherine is a beautiful name. I like the fact that you took courage to share your real name with us. There’s nothing wrong staying anonymous as long as you share amazing contents like your blog ❤️

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    • That’s so kind of you! Wow, I’m so blown away by the support on this post. I have such a lovely community of bloggers behind me. Aww! Amazing content? That’s a huge compliment. You’ve made me so happy 🙂 x

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  8. I don’t think you should apologise. You did what you felt was right for you, and that’s nobody else’s business. It’s good to know you’re name though, I think I’ve always gone for ‘Erin’ rather than Kitty and I knew neither were your real name. I respect whatever you want to be called, especially in the online world. I wasn’t ready to ‘come out’ with who I am, especially with photos and admitting some of the health problems I’ve got like a stoma, and it was difficult when I first did. Sometimes a blog space is a separate identity where we can feel anonymous, othertimes we want to be more transparent. That choice is totally yours. That said, it’s lovely to ‘meet’ you, Catherine!
    Caz xx

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    • Thank you so much, Caz. You’ve been with me on this blogging ‘journey’ for such a long time now, and every comment still makes my day. Sometimes I’m surprised that people read entire posts rather than skimming and adding a comment. Thank you for your time! No, I completely agree. But by admitting your health difficulties you have made connections with others and supported each other. I chose to be more transparent because my two identities (online and offline) were becoming too separate, to a point where comments calling me Erin felt like they weren’t for me. It’s nothing too deep or serious, but I’m so glad to have had the confidence to do this! x

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  9. Hey Catherine haha!! I know a lot of bloggers who use a pen name and a lot who use their real name, but I’m proud of you regardless for doing what’s right for you. You’ll always have my support <33

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  10. Catherine is a beautiful name!! ❤ I don't believe people will think you're not being transparent for not using your real name. Besides, the definition of "real name" is a bit subjective. Use the one you're the most comfortable with! If people do unfollow – that's their loss 🙂

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