5 Fool-Proof Ways To Gain Readers

Ana asked me some blog-related questions on Instagram the other day, and I thought it was the perfect opportunity to write a post about it! This post will focus primarily on driving traffic towards your site and how to gain sincere followers. I’ll try and keep it easy-to-follow however you know I love a good ramble!

Spend 30 minutes catching up on your reader, daily

Not going to lie, I don’t do this as much as I should. However, when I do take time out to comment on other blogs, my posts instantly have better response. I personally don’t think you should focus on the numbers, despite it being an integral part of blogging. Making sincere friends is the most special part of this community! I will make a post with a list of my favourite bloggers soon. Stay tuned for that!

Discover 10-15 blogs per month

It’s important to keep finding new blogs, new inspirations and potentially new supporters. I follow 10-15 new blogs a month, and spend time engaging with their content and showing full support. This is really fun to do, and also helps grow your audience!

Set up an Instagram

Most of my followers come from Instagram. Over there we have a ‘small blogger’ community where we support each other’s content and strengthen bonds! I find so much inspiration on that platform.

Join engagement groups!

Group chats boost exposure, which is key to driving traffic towards your site. I have found quite a few friends through engagement group chats and when you submit your new post on there, people immediately go to like and comment. The Instagram algorithm means new posts don’t often pop up in people’s feeds, so you have to let them know by other means (through DMs and stories)

Use Instagram hashtags to your advantage

My good friend Sophie recently started up a hashtag called ‘insophiescorner’ on Instagram and it’s a perfect place to submit photos and find other small bloggers! Weekly, or even bi-monthly, catch up on the content within the hashtag and start following new accounts. You already have lifestyle in common as a niche, so they’re going to be a perfect reader for your site! If you are a lifestyle blogger, I highly recommend tagging your Instagram posts with ‘insophiescorner’ to find sincere followers. Please don’t abuse it though! 

Many thanks to Ana for the question! I’ve just written a whole post from your short DM. Hope this helps other new bloggers too! If you enjoy my tips, I would happily create a part two for you. 

How often do you spend blogging per day? What advice would you offer beginner bloggers?

Have a lovely day! 

erin x



41 thoughts on “5 Fool-Proof Ways To Gain Readers

  1. Good advice! Often when you follow a blog they will follow you back or maybe bring more traffic to your page but, I think( like you so clearly said) it’s important to not worry to much about the statistics. I find pleasure reading and finding new blogs and making friends! This such a supportive community which I love so much❤️
    Lovely post, glad to see u writing

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    • Thank you – this is such a kind comment! Making strong connections is really important. I much prefer a few constant readers than millions of people who come and go. Thanks for all of your support 🙂

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  2. I’m super into the first thing that you pointed out. I love reading other’s blogs and learning from them. When it speaks to me, that’s when I comment and I love how the discussion can go on and might lead to making friends. 💖

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  3. Thank you for sharing these tips! Yes I agree, hashtags have definitely helped me and I also promote on my story aswell! I usually go through my IG feed and engage with people on Instagram and do the same things for the blog! Thanks for sharing these tips!

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    • It’s my pleasure, Zainab, this was a really fun post to write! Hashtags are super important and I would be forever grateful is you use Daisy’s (indaisyscorner). Take care, and thank you for stopping by! x


  4. This is exactly what I wanted Erin! Thank you so much for making a whole post about it, I am beyond just happy ❤. Starting a blog account on Instagram is very intimidating to me but now I feel I can do it! This will help me and other bloggers who are new for sure. The part about the statistics and making friends is very true and I am happy to have made a kind friend like you!

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  5. I spend quite a lot of time going through blogs I already follow but it gets pretty overwhelming sometimes, and I’m always behind! I definitely need to pick up on more new blogs, but I just get worried I’m going to have to many and won’t be able to give them all adequate attention. Sophie’s Insta hashtag sounds like a good idea (the link to her Insta doesn’t seem to work though, just ‘FYI’). I’m trying to do Insta a little more but gaining more follows seems impossible 😂 Great suggestions!
    Caz xx

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    • Yeah, Daisy just revealed her real name so the hashtag is now ‘daisyscorner’ instead of ‘sophiescorner’. We both find comfort in a pen name. Hope you can use it now, though! I’m always behind too, however I’m making a conscious effort to spend more time reading blogs. We’ll tackle the goal together! x

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  6. I’ve recently started my blog, and this is so helpful for me. I’ve been feeling a little overwhelmed, but this is so clear and informative – thank you!

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  7. Thank you for sharing these tips❣️ This post came right when I needed it the most. I’m currently trying to get back to blogging the way I was two months ago, so these tips are gonna be helpful 😊♥️

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    • Thank you Millie! Glad you want to put more effort into your blog, because I absolutely LOVE your content. We could possibly do a collaboration some time (there’s an exciting announcement coming on Friday that you may be interested in) Take care lovely x

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  8. These are all great ideas!!! ❤ I'm not gonna lie though, the idea of following more blogs every month lowkey scares me because even tho I do want to find new people and make new friends, the idea of feeling overwhelmed with blog hopping terrifies me! hahaha I must try Instagram tho! I've been wanting to "awake" my bookstagram for a while, but it's always a bit disheartening because it seems no one cares much … I don't know what I might be doing wrong ):


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