Top 10 Blogging Goals For The Future | Finding Inspiration & Engaging With My Passions

I’ve had a burning desire to get back to the keyboard ever since I announced a ‘break’ last Sunday. Although a break would probably be beneficial for me, my mind is buzzing with ideas and I don’t want this motivation to be wasted. Today I woke up late, around 7:30am, with no spark in my step at all. Instead of yoga I wanted to crack straight on because I was already a little late. 

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Don’t get me wrong, I love my cat. However while I was washing my face she decided to walk all over my white sheets with her wet, muddy paws. I returned from the bathroom to see my unmade bed soaked through with a guilty looking cat sat in the middle. She got the sign and decided to leave… sorry Pikachu. Then I washed my sheets and tidied my room a bit. You might say boring. But I have a feeling that if you’ve been reading my blog for this long then you might care about my pets.

Despite such an unplanned morning, my day was awesome. I love every second of it! I also had the idea to start a project… which is coming soon. This inspiration has grabbed hold of me and I don’t want to fight it. Passion is one of those complicated emotions that tires you and excites you all at once.

So, what is this post going to be? I hear you ask.

My list of goals for the future of my blog:

  1. Launch the project!
  2. Spend half an hour catching up on my reader every day.
  3. Follow 10 new blogs a month.
  4. Update my Instagram story consistently! 
  5. Post on Instagram to a schedule (Monday, Wednesday, Friday)
  6. Get better at promoting my blog though Instagram.
  7. Reply to comments more efficiently.
  8. Enjoy the writing process.
  9. Copy and paste all of my blog posts into a huge Pages document so that when the Internet dies they’ll all be safe (I’ve started on this already)
  10. Write more book reviews

That’s all my blogging goals for now! Don’t want to have an immensely long list otherwise I’ll feel intimidated. 

What are your blogging goals? Are there any good blogging habits you have got into?

Loads of love,

erin x



29 thoughts on “Top 10 Blogging Goals For The Future | Finding Inspiration & Engaging With My Passions

  1. It’s super cool to have blogging goals! One of my goals is to follow at least 3 blogs every day haha while I have time because when the semester starts, I bet I will get really busy hihi 😅

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  2. If you believe a break might have been beneficial for you, and yet it’s hard to get away from blogging, try taking things slowly so as to avoid a breakdown! It’ll be better in the long run and we will always be here 🙂 I loved your list of goals! I haven’t posted anything in a while because of exam season, so now I wanna get back on track, post again and finally try and post things I’ve wanted to for a while but haven’t due to lack of time. I’ve also been cleaning my social media following list, which is something I like to do from time to time to avoid my feed being cluttered XD

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    • Thank you for your wisdom, Marta. I am taking things a little slower, trying to lower expectations of myself to an attainable level. I’m very excited for the summer, where I can fully embrace the blogging lifestyle. I hope your exams went successfully, as I’m sure they have! It’s clever of you to take a break and not force yourself to do so many things at once. That word ‘ease’ is crucial. I’m happy to see you start posting again, but feel no pressure. Do what’s best for you! I have quite a nice Instagram feed in terms of who I’m following at the moment. I do want to clear up my Reader a bit though, and follow more lifestyle bloggers. Thank you for your lovely comment! Take care x

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