Advice From The Best Of The Blogosphere | Interviewing Sophie’s Corner

For a while I have been contemplating starting an interview series on my blog. They are some of my favourite posts to read, so why not start writing them? Blogging is more than just writing posts and it takes a lot of effort behind the scenes. These interviews are to show readers what it’s like to be a blogger, and hopefully it’ll be relatable for those of you that are writers! Through my blog I aim to inspire others, share positivity but also be realistic. To kick off this exciting new project, I’ve decided to interview one of my favourite bloggers (you’ve heard me mention her before) Sophie’s Corner! Sophie’s blog is incredibly inspiring, the perfect place for you to find ideas and motivation. The girl behind the screen is super lovely too. We’ve collaborated together in the past and have been chatting with each other for a really long time. It was really intriuging to read her answers, and I’m sure you’ll find it interesting too!

If you enjoy Sophie’s interview (which I’m confident you will) then head over to her blog and check out her beautiful Instagram. They’re all worth a follow! It’s like having a little sunshine in my feed. In fact, Sophie is one of my main motivators to blog. If ever I’m struggling for ideas, I head right over to her!

Without more of my rambling, let’s hop into the post:

Why did you start your blog?

I started blogging because I always had a passion for writing and I wanted to express my thoughts to the world. After I joined Instagram back in January 2019, lots of people had blogs that I enjoyed reading and I felt so inspired! So I tried it out for myself – not sure what I’d make of it – and then fell completely in love with it. Now I can’t even imagine my life without blogging!

Where do you get your inspiration from?

I get inspiration everywhere! Sometimes I will just be out & about, at the supermarket or on a walk for example, and I will suddenly get an idea for a new blog post so I’ll jot it down in my notebook which I carry everywhere with me! I also feel inspired by some of my favourite bloggers (like Natalie Kennedy, Infinitely A Daydreamer, Oh Lola, The Progress Project, Jess’s Wondering and My Blurred World) as well as all of the wonderful friends I have made through Instagram and my blog. These girls inspire me every day to be the best possible version of myself and I am so grateful for every single one of them!

Why did you decide to post daily during lockdown, and have you ever struggled with content ideas because of it?

Initially, before we entered lockdown, I was posting three times every week and I wasn’t being as consistent as I would have liked to be. When we came into lockdown, I seized the opportunity to make the best of a difficult situation and be much more active on my blog. As one of my niches is ‘positivity’ I decided that I wanted to continue spreading this positivity while we were all at home in lockdown. I wanted to lift people’s spirits and give them all some content to read through this strange time period. I haven’t really struggled with content ideas as I have a list that I constantly refer to which I have been adding to since August last year and it has hundreds of post ideas!! I also get regular emails and DMs regarding requested posts so I enjoy reading through these & then writing them out for my readers! I have also gained over 100 followers and my engagement has shot up in numbers since I started posting more regularly!

Why are you anonymous/will you reveal your face in the future?

I set my Instagram account up when I was twelve and I was super cautious about staying anonymous, just for various reasons and I didn’t really understand the Instagram algorithms so I didn’t want to expose myself too much or anything like that. I’ve not told anyone at school about my blog, just because it’s not something I really feel I need to tell them about. I also have quite a large friendship group at school so I feel like if I told anyone then it would get around very quickly so I prefer to keep quiet about it. I’m sure if my Instagram account and blog both continue to grow, I will build up the confidence in the future to possibly reveal my identity etc but for now I am very comfortable and I feel that I can fully be myself without being judged and so on.

Are there any tips you could give to new bloggers struggling with inspiration?

My advice to new bloggers is probably to be yourself, find your ‘niche’ and be patient. Engagement will not happen straight away and this will be disheartening but just stick with it & don’t give up! If you’re struggling for inspiration then I would advise that you binge-read lots of your favourite bloggers’ posts and this will probably inspire you lots! Or you could scroll through Pinterest as this never fails to make me feel motivated and inspired!

Wasn’t that as amazing as I promised? Sophie is such a talented writer, and I hope she carries her gift into later life. Please support the work she is putting into her blog at the moment. I’ve linked it here! Also, for snippets and behind the scenes, she has a wonderful Instagram that she regularly updates. 

Are you a blogger? Is there any advice you could give to beginners?

Leave it in the comment section so that anyone scrolling by, wondering whether to start a blog or not, has some advice! When I started out I was very naive and hardly knew a thing about formatting and engagement. Some help back then really would have been useful. Hope you all have lovely days! 

erin x



19 thoughts on “Advice From The Best Of The Blogosphere | Interviewing Sophie’s Corner

  1. I loved reading this post! (and it would go without saying that I’d love to see more of them)
    I adored the answer for the third question, so I’ll be sure to check Sophie’s blog!
    My only advice is to write for the sake of writing-not for views or likes. They’ll come eventually, but only if the posts are genuine and have a flair of personality. Although it’s fair to say that I haven’t been a blogger for long

    Liked by 2 people

    • Thank you Nour! I’d love to do more of them. If you would like, I can interview you next. However I’m taking a few days to fully concentrate efforts on the BLM movement and my school work. Let me know if that is something you’re up for. Please do check out Sophie’s blog! She has so much to say. Thank you for the advice, too. I couldn’t agree more ☺️


  2. Her advice is so on point- especially about being patient. It took me over an year before I knew what I wanted my blog to be and it takes a lot of people even longer than that to figure it out. I also get so many people asking me how long it takes to grow your blog and honestly nothing happens overnight. It takes so much time and effort!

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  3. Fantastic interview to share! I love the idea of this being a more regular feature, not just because I enjoy Q&A sessions but because it introduces us to potentially new bloggers too. I’ll check out Sophie’s blog & insta now. It’s interesting that the current virus situation led to her posting more regularly, which boosted her readership. I also think that posting stuff that’s inspiring, supportive and positive during these times has something to do with it because we could all do with more of that goodness, especially now!
    Caz xx

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    • Thank you Caz! I’m working on more interviews and hopefully I can come up with a schedule for them 🙂 You’ll really enjoy Sophie’s content! It’s so inspiring and she is one of my favourite bloggers (and so are you ;)) Hope you’re well. Sorry for being inactive on your blog, but the comments I try to submit don’t come through. Be aware that I’m really enjoying your content at the moment. Thank you ❤

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  4. Hey Erin! I’ve never been able to comment on your blog posts as I always read them through your blog website but I’ve just read this through the ‘Reader’ section & found out that I CAN comment 😂😂 I loved doing this interview with you, it was so much fun and I always enjoy collabing with you. Thank you for having me and hopefully we can work together again in the future! xx

    Liked by 3 people

    • Hello Sophie! Yes, the comment section has always been a bit of a problem. I’m glad it works for you now, though. Hope it has fixed itself on other people’s reader too. I really appreciate the spam of likes as well. That means a lot! I’ll have to return the favour because I’ve been so inactive on my reader. Thank you for the opportunity and hope we can do this again. Very proud of how far your blog is going! Please could you tell me where you create your thumbnails? If that’s okay – I don’t want to copy but I’d like to rearrange by blog format a little. Thank you so much. Have a great day 🙂 x

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      • i know, i’m so happy it’s working again – you can guarantee i’ll be commenting on every single post now that i can work the comment section haha! aw no problem, i always love supporting other people’s blogs so i enjoyed having a little binge-read of your posts. i’m the same, i’m always super inactive and then i’ll read through it & have around fifty to catch up on hehe. thank you so much erin!! ah yes of course, you’re not copying at all don’t worry! i use canva, it’s completely free and there are so so many different templates for you to choose from as well. i can’t wait to see your thumbnails if you end up using them! you too, have a lovely day xx

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      • Thank you so much, that means a lot to me! Going to check out Canva now. Also need to sort out my Instagram highlights too. It’s going to be a bloggy sort of afternoon 🙂 Hope you stay well! So glad the interviews are going successfully. Haha I can’t credit myself entirely for the inspiration but I’m glad it’s taken off ❤ x

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