How To Make Your Morning Amazing In 5 Steps | Collaboration With Girl Online

This post has been a long time in the making, but finally we’re able to share it with you! It’s completely my fault that it didn’t go up sooner. Everything was so all over the place, that I ended up publishing my half without even thinking. I feel so bad for the miscommunication on my part. However, it’s here now! So let’s concentrate on the positive. If you enjoy this post (which I’m sure you will), remember to follow Girl Online’s blog for more. She writes about lifestyle, makeup and personal experiences. I love reading content from her, and I’m sure you will too! Here are her wonderful tips, all about getting a great start to the day:

Take a nice awakening shower/bath

Morning showers are rather stimulating and are the best way to start your day (according to me). I personally take a nice warm shower first thing in the morning. But cold showers are proven to help bring you back to reality and with your overall physical health and fitness. On top of that, it helps with your hygiene as well.
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Drink an ice-cold cup of water in the morning

I do this on a daily basis right after my morning shower and it has so many positive effects:

  • helps to clear your face revealing a splendid natural glow!.
  • hydrates your whole body.
  • stimulates your body.
  • Boosts your energy and mood.

All the above mentioned points are effects that i have personally noticed and experienced. All this helps with overall self-esteem and confidence.

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Take time on yourself

This is an open section. You can do anything that reassures you to keep on doing whatever your doing at this point in your life. Ideas may include working out, listening to music, taking a nice walk, having a nice breakfast, taking selfies, reading a blog post/book, watching a YouTube video or just picking out what your wearing to boost your confidence. Even if you wear uniform (like I do) just find a nice and unique way to rock your uniform, without breaking rules obviously.

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Breakfast is important

In your routine, make sure to include breakfast. Usually I don’t have enough time to make breakfast in the morning so I just have a little head start the night before. Recently I’ve been so obsessed with healthy smoothies and so I just cut up all my fruit and prepare all ingredients so in the morning all I have to do is throw everything into the blender and I’m ready to go. I try and eat as healthy as possible but not strictly. Eating a heavy breakfast is recommended as it is the most important meal of the day.

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Update your morning routine

Generally, a good morning routine that your satisfied with will make your whole day cheerful. Adding natural stimulators will boost your energy. For example: icing your face after washing it will increase your natural glow and your level of confidence. Rocking a cute hairstyle also will boost your energy. How you look physically will boost your general confidence. It is scientifically proven (not sure where but let’s stay positive)

Thank you so much for reading! These were really useful tips, as I’m sure you’ll agree. Please show some support to the author’s blog, and if you have time I’d appreciate you reading my 5 tips (linked here). Hope you are all safe and use these tips to have an amazing morning!

What do you never miss in your morning routine? What is your go-to breakfast?

erin x



11 thoughts on “How To Make Your Morning Amazing In 5 Steps | Collaboration With Girl Online

  1. My go-to breakfast is usually cereal(hahaha, it’s the best) but, recently I’ve been trying to change that up so I’ve been having overnight oats;) Love this post 😉

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  2. My mother has gone back to work this week, so I’ve been asking her to wake me up before she leaves, which means I usually get up earlier and have been doing more things throughout the day (yay for productivity). However, I’ve been pretty bad at keeping up with good habits, such as drinking enough water per day. Also, eating healthy has been difficult – my mother buys snacks for my brother that he sometimes won’t eat and because she doesn’t like them, I have to eat them. I haven’t been feeling nice in my body and also my face is looking awful )):

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    • Glad you’re getting up a bit earlier, that’s great news! Don’t feel bad for eating snacks. Enjoy food – it’s there to be eaten! I don’t always feel great in my body either so I can’t say I listen to my own advice. However the important thing is being grateful. Instead of saying ‘I’ve eaten too much’ say ‘I’m lucky enough to have a filling meal’. Simple changes in mindset are important. But you can’t help feeling ugh every now and again so don’t beat yourself up about it! Thank you for leaving such nice comments. They really brighten my day. Stay safe 🥰

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  3. I loved this collaboration between you two. I like both of your blogs. I am a new blogger and would love to collaborate with other bloggers. Please if you don’t mind, please have a look at my recent post (feeling so shy*). 🤍 it was nice reading your blog


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