How To Be A Morning Person (If You Want To) | 5 Easy Tips & Useful Advice

Not all of us can be morning people. There’s no point trying to be someone you’re not! If you’re a night owl, you do you. However, I know a lot of you want to try out early starts for a time so you know how it makes you feel. I’ve always been an early riser and over the years I have implemented things into my routine that help me off to a good start. In case you’re interested,I wake up at 6. These are the tips I have for you if you want to wake up earlier:

1) Get 8 Hours Of Sleep

This sounds shocking to a lot of you, but it’s the healthiest amount of time you should be in bed. On the first couple of nights I’d even try 9 hours, because your body clock with trick itself into thinking you’re tired when you’re not. After a week or two you’ll get into a routine. Set an alarm for bedtime and stick by it! I get ready for bed about 20:30 and fall asleep around 22:00. This leaves time for doing the things I like before bed, rather than late night studying. 

2) One Alarm Only!

At first you will need to use a snooze alarm, but after a month get rid! It’s really bad to have a snooze, and it makes you more tired than you were previously. To cut it short, your body takes an hour to ‘shut down’ and when you interrupt this your body reacts and thinks it needs more sleep. I’m good at waking up at the first alarm, because I have a motivation for the morning.

3) Set An Intention

In the past month I got into practising yoga and I do it to start off every morning. When I’m laying in bed, debating whether or not to lie in, I think about my yoga. Just the idea motivates me to get up! And once I’m out of bed I do something to fully wake myself up.

4) Drink Water

Before bed I get myself a glass of water, leaving it on my desk for the morning. Once I switch off my alarm (which is across the room, double tip here!), I go over and drink a whole glass of water. At once. After 8 hours of not drinking it’s really important to get fluid in your body, but it also wakes you up. If water isn’t your thing, go downstairs and make yourself a cup of tea! There’s no point going to bed when the kettles boiling.

5) Stick To It

Weekends are no exception! Get up every day at the same time and slowly you’ll have a consistent body clock. It may seem hard at first but your future self will thank you for it.

What time do you wake up every morning? Are you an early bird or a night owl?

erin x



31 thoughts on “How To Be A Morning Person (If You Want To) | 5 Easy Tips & Useful Advice

  1. Such great tips! I’d say I’m in between an early bird and a night owl lol, I like to get to bed at the same reasonable time every night and i do appreciate a lie in but i also like to get up early and get the day started! Loved this post xxx

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  2. I’ve been looking for a guide like this for the longest time and so glad to finally fall upon this one! Especially with online school its good to be productive so I love these tips ❤

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    • Thank you, Jules! I’m glad these were of some use to you. Online school seems like a larger workload than normal school, but if you strike the right balance you can get it done! Wishing you the best of luck with your online classes ❤


  3. I love this tips so much! I’m very much a night owl, and while I do find so much productivity in the late hours of night, I also love the productivity that comes with waking up earlier. I’m definitely going to experiment with this advice during quarantine, as I have the time to try out a new method that might work better for me as far as online school and everything goes. Thank you for this!💛

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    • Thank you very much, Olivia! I cannot be productive late at night, though it’s great that you can work both ways. Quarantine is a good time for experimenting, because even if it throws off your sleep schedule: you have enough time to readjust. Hope you have a wonderful day/evening/night haha x

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  4. I’m definitely a morning person – but recently I’ve found myself wanting to do so many things that I’ve had to push my bedtime later and later. Still been getting 8 hours of sleep though!

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    • It’s great that you have the motivation to do so many things, no matter what time in the day. Even better that you’re getting 8 hours of sleep! It feels so great to have a full, long rest. Take care 🙂


    • Thank you so much! This morning I woke up at six, though lay in bed reading for an hour before starting the day. It’s not always necessary to be ‘productive’. Take care 🙂


  5. These are such good tips! I’ve been trying to get into the habit of becoming a morning person over isolation and we’re slowly getting there – still need a couple of alarms haha. As much as I know I’m a bit of a night owl and get my bursts of productivity during the night, being exhausted all throughout the day is becoming a bit of an issue, and isolation’s giving me a chance to fix that – I’ve found getting up and making a morning walk the first thing I do during the day has been a godsend! Great post xx

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    • Thank you very much! You shouldn’t change being a night owl, it’s completely normal to be either way. I usually get tired in the afternoon, then the energy comes back in the evening. So you’re not alone! I’ll be going for a walk soon but this morning I’ve been lazying around… oops. Take care 🙂


  6. Love this post! I especially like the tip about setting an intention. I always get out of bed and read while I drink my coffee for the first hour that I’m awake, and I get so excited to do it I have no issues jumping out of bed.

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  8. I needed this! I love being a night owl and a morning person at the same time so it really isn’t working. I’ll try these tips ❤️


  9. I like to enjoy the day while there’s sun outside, but waking early is SO hard for me. I stay up late, studying, watching movies/tv shows, reading, … I probably don’t sleep enough, I need to have more than one alarm otherwise I might not even hear it, putting my phone across the room doesn’t work (I get up, turn it off, and get back into bed), and I haven’t found something to motivate me out of bed XD I really admire your willpower!! 😀

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    • To throw off this routine I have implemented, I foolishly decided to partake in a 24 hour readathon. It begins at midnight tonight so I really want to get some sleep in beforehand! Sometimes I do turn off the alarm and get back into bed, but a bit of fresh air (jut through my window) prevents me from going back to bed again! Hope you find enough hours to sleep tonight, you must be very tired. Take care ❤

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  10. I’m a night owl who decided to become a morning person and one thing that helped me cope with it is by being active in the morning. I used to jog around my university but coronavirus made it impossible so I switched to yoga. I’ve been looking for the perfect yoga mat and found mine online! It’s the Gaiam Yoga Mats. Personally, I like it because the thickness is just enough and the print doesn’t come off even after a long time of use. There’s lots of designs and colorways and I just can’t get enough of it! It also comes with a free downloadable yoga workout. Check it out!

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    • I don’t have a yoga mat – I just stick to the carpet. There’s no room in my bedroom at the moment for a mat! Thank you for the recommendation. I’ll check it out when I want one hehe 🙂 x


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