5 Things I’m Really Grateful For | Thankful Friday | The Positivity Project

Friday is for being thankful. Let’s take a step back and appreciate everything that has happened this week, even the little moments. I encourage you to write out a list of all the things, big and small, that you are grateful for. In my journal I occasionally write out the little things I’m grateful for, such as: sun shining on to my bed, a livestream starting when I’m on Instagram or having the exact amount of sugar left in a bag when I’m baking (weird but instantly satisfying). In this post I’d like to write the big things I would like to show more appreciation towards:

1) The NHS

Clearly we have the health service to be immensely grateful for at this time. Without them, our country would be in pieces. While we are all insanely terrified at home, these people are still going into work every day. Even before the pandemic, I always recounted to myself how lucky I was to have free healthcare. It’s brilliant that we have this service, and now more than ever we need to support it!

2) Food 

Luckily, my family have always had enough to support themselves. I can’t ever remember a meal time where I’d go hungry. It’s truly a blessing. Though I am greedy sometimes, I have always wanted to give up my meal for someone who would better appreciate it. Since we can’t go out, we can’t donate physical food to local food banks. However, just look through some fundraising sites! You can donate money to charities who will buy food for the less fortunate. If that isn’t available to you, just appreciate your next meal or snack. Really savour it and think to yourself how lucky you are.

3) Clean Water

I really take for granted the fact that I can drink clean water without hassle: just turn the tap on and it’s there! In my shower, sink and bathtub I have clean running water. It’s so necessary to my daily life yet so under-appreciated. 

4) Family

For my whole life I’ve never been alone. Behind me I have a supportive family. Now, more than ever, I’m really glad to have company (though sometimes other people can be a hindrance XD). Even my friends act as family, which I really appreciate. Without them I’d go insane! For those of you that are alone, I want you to know that you’re also not alone. There are many people in your situation! Try to reach out over the Internet and start a conversation and I promise you will feel better. Though it may seem, not everyone is out to make you unhappy. See the light in things, you know?

5) Soap

Quite weird and random, I know. But having the products to clean myself and my clothes with is really important to me. I know people who don’t have enough of these things and that makes me so grateful to have it. Things like a washing machine, or even as simple as shampoo. I can have a shower as and when I choose. I can wash myself with soap and shampoo. I can even moisturise when I step out the shower. These little things are so big in other people’s eyes, and puts into perspective my greed. I just take this stuff for granted because I’ve never done without (apart for a week’s camp which didn’t have any showers, just portaloos. Surprisingly I would like to have that experience again!)

Here’s the completed rainbow! I created then stuck it in my window, as a way of saying thank you for the hard work the health service are putting in at this time.

Hope you’re all doing okay! It’s really hard to put yourself together in these difficult times. To even have the energy to get up and write this post is a miracle. I’ve been in a self-isolation/Easter chocolate coma for the past week! Take care of yourselves, and don’t forget to live in the moment (easy way to do this is switching off social media and the news for a bit. Try reading a book or getting on with an old hobby!)

What are you grateful for today? What small things have made you smile?

Make the comment section a collection of happiness for anyone feeling a bit low!

erin x

What Is This Post For?

Throughout these difficult times, a group of my friends on Instagram decided to form The Positivity Project. Created by Emily, this project aims for people to be more happy even in the most difficult circumstances. To launch this project, I will be posting every single day this week: updating you on the recent prompts and how to complete them. I would like you to head on over to Emily’s blog (and Instagram) because she is the amazing person who create this idea. Let us both know how you’re staying positive in the comments of this post! Or go a step further and tag us in photos on Instagram.



14 thoughts on “5 Things I’m Really Grateful For | Thankful Friday | The Positivity Project

  1. Thank you for sharing these! This week I’m grateful for the national health system (for their brave and wonderful job), for the government to have acted against the virus as quickly as it did, for the opportunity to still have (online) classes, for books (that provide a great escape) and my cat, who’s been the best company. ❤

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    • The key workers are under so much stress at this time and I can’t thank them enough. Books are providing a great escape and I am reading a lot more since this crisis began. Thank you for sharing what you’re grateful for, especially your cat. Goodness they are the cutest little things in the world (though mine can be a nuisance sometimes) Take care ❤

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    • It’s all thanks to you, Emily! I really appreciate your comments on my rainbow. Hopefully people have seen it as they walk past my window and smiled. I love seeing them about when I go for my daily exercise! Stay safe, and have a beautiful day ❤

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