Playing Scrabble With Family For Together Tuesday | The Positivity Project

Tuesday is for being together will other people. Today I decided to play Scrabble with my mum, because we keep saying ‘let’s play a board game’ but never get around to it. This prompt really made me grateful for having family around in my house! If I didn’t have them, this would be a very difficult time. My heart goes out to all of those people who are now at home, isolated, with no family. Though we have the blessing of video call, its never the same – is it? In particular, I’m grateful for people who are alone at home get still go out to work in important jobs. You are all amazing! And if, my some miracle, you’ve stumbled across this post, I would like to say that I am more than thankful. 

What are you going to do with the people you live with? Will you chat to your friends/family, even if you don’t live them?

I encourage you to reach out to another human today, whether that be me, your friends or even a random stranger (just start a conversation in the comments) Hope you’re all staying safe and taking care of yourselves.

erin x

What Is This For?

Throughout these difficult times, a group of my friends on Instagram decided to form The Positivity Project. Created by Emily, this project aims for people to be more happy even in the most difficult circumstances. To launch this project, I will be posting every single day this week: updating you on the recent prompts and how to complete them. I would like you to head on over to Emily’s blog (and Instagram) because she is the amazing person who create this idea. If you are to complete any of the activities I prompt you to do, tag me in photos on Instagram or just let me know in the comments of this post!



24 thoughts on “Playing Scrabble With Family For Together Tuesday | The Positivity Project

  1. Sounds like a great Tuesday! I personally love a game of Scrabble.

    I agree that it helps to be with a loving family and/or friends in this pandemic and I worry about those who do not have such luxuries. I hope you and your family stay safe and healthy~

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    • Thank you, Jade! Hope you have an excellent Tuesday too. I’m so grateful for my family in this time. They mean the world to me, and I wish I could give their love to less fortunate people. It almost makes me feel guilty to have such a happy life. Hope you’re well 🙂

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  2. Love this post! I’ve got some FaceTimes scheduled with my family and friends later this week 😊Today, I did some cooking, art and photography together with my mum and it was great spending some time together, as when we’re busy working (or studying) we only see each other for meals! 🙈 Ah I love Scrabble! I haven’t actually played it for a couple of years but it’s my mum’s favourite board game so I’m going to try and convince her to play it with me later ☺️ Stay safe and take care x

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    • Well done you, Emily! I’ve not FaceTimed my friends because I much prefer texting or letters, though to them I must seem incredibly unsociable. Sounds like a perfect day with each other! Hope you convinced your mum to play Scrabble, and didn’t get too competitive haha!

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  3. Woooop, I love a bit of Scrabble! I play this with my parents but I’ve been keeping a distance for a couple of weeks now (suspected coronavirus but I’ve no idea so I’m being cautious). Will definitely look forward to playing again soon. Love the photos.xx

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    • It’s a game I’ll never bore of! Sorry about your parents, I hope they feel better soon. Though it’s for the best that you’re keeping distance. Hope we can be reunited with our loved ones soon! (and play Scrabble together) Thank you for reading ❤

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  4. I’m really glad you have your family with you! I’m staying home with my mother and younger brother, but we don’t really all get along, so it’s hard to be in peace and have fun in family. I know I should stick to one house while in quarantine, but otherwise, I’d go insane, so I’m still going to my dad’s house sometimes. I’m taking all the precautions, so I hope we’re fine! If it was cool to go outside, we’d probably be spending lots of time with me driving (I seriously need to drive, it’s been so long since I last did) but watching movies and just talking is equally nice (I’m really chatty and my dad is probably the only person who doesn’t seem bothered at all by that) 🙂


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