How To Be Mindful For Mindfulness Monday | Exciting New Launch! | The Positivity Project

Throughout these difficult times, a group of my friends on Instagram decided to form The Positivity Project. Created by Emily, this project aims for people to be more happy even in the most difficult circumstances. To launch this project, I will be posting every single day this week: updating you on the recent prompts and how to complete them. Before we begin, I would like you to head on over to Emily’s blog (and Instagram) because she is the amazing person who create this idea. Without further ado… let’s get started!

You can use this graphic as a little reminder as to what each day is for! Thank you so much Emily for making a great job of it ☺️

Today is Mindfulness Monday! The suggestions are yoga or colouring, but since I do yoga anyway, I decided to whip out my colouring book! When I was younger, I used to colour all the time. From the age of 8 I was trying my hardest with the ‘adult colouring books’ and I actually managed to finish a few. I also had the kindest friends, who always bought me a new colouring book for each of my birthdays! Since I still have them, I went through and chose a colouring to complete. I noticed that a lot were started an unfinished… Since it is now the Easter holidays, I think I will try and work through these incomplete ones!

Colouring is always a fun activity for me. During Christmas time, I put films on in the background and get my head down. It’s very time consuming, but hardly tedious. To distract yourself from other problems, I highly recommend this activity. All I am thinking about is the colours and how they correlate! 

For Netflix lovers, this is a great activity to be semi-productive while also binging your favourite show. While I catch up on YouTube, I either get out my knitting or colouring so at least I have a product of my pleasure. These are the results of today’s colouring (plus some from earlier which look really nice because I actually finished them).

How are you going to practise mindfulness today? Will you try out colouring, yoga or meditation?

Let me know in the comments below, and please take at least 10 minutes to do something for yourself today! You deserve it.

erin x


23 thoughts on “How To Be Mindful For Mindfulness Monday | Exciting New Launch! | The Positivity Project

  1. These are Great ideas Erin! You literally think of the best stuff….I’m definitely going to be practicing Mindfulness Mondays. Thanks for the idea!
    I nominated you for a tag I started and hope you don’t mind doing it. No pressure of course
    Stay safe Erin!
    ~Girl Online😚

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  2. Aw thank you ☺️ and I love your post! I’ve just been doing some colouring and watching a mystery. A few years ago I was really into adult colouring books and built up quite a collection from birthday and Christmas presents, and I’ve really enjoyed getting back into it this weekend and getting some more of them finished 💛

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  3. This is such a lovely initiative!! I have a coloring book somewhere in my room, but I’m pretty sure I’ve only completed maybe a couple of them. These days we’re all so busy, we totally forget to wind down. Thanks for sharing what you’re doing! ❤

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