April Bullet Journal Set-Up | Exciting New Video!

Instead of the usual chatty blog post, this month I decided to share my bullet journal set-up in a video. I hope to do more of this in the future… possibly every month? You can see the video on IGTV here.

For those of you who can’t get on to Instagram, here’s a little summary:

This month’s theme is large, pink flowers. I decided it on a whim, not particular thinking about its correlation with the month of April. It was very easy to draw and I did so while watching Miranda! I absolutely adore that show. Instead of using the traditional bullet journal ‘hand-lettering’, I went for this bold bubble letter font. 

My calendar spread was kept simple and, for those of you recreating, the squares are 6×6 dots. I like this page to be functional so I don’t busy it with lots of doodles. Again, I used the bold font and bright flowers for the background.

Now, I don’t usually do these trackers. However I do have more time and hopefully I’ll keep up with it! My goals for this months are working out, yoga, reading 100+ pages a day, practising my cello, less than an hour on my phone and writing. 

On the left of this I have my ‘book’s read’ spread. Hopefully I’ll fill the whole page up, motivating me to start writing reviews again. This past month I have been in a reading slump and it was super hard to get out of. But now I’m reading more, hopefully I can push out more reviews for you! I love reading them but haven’t written one in a long time. 

That’s it for this month! I decided to keep it nice and simple (hopefully attainable) because I have a bad history of never filling in habit trackers or book charts etc. Thank you so much for reading, and watching if you can. I really appreciate the support I’ve received on my first video. Let me know in the comments if you liked it, and I’ll be sure to do more.

What are your goals for April? What amazing things did you achieve in March?

erin x



14 thoughts on “April Bullet Journal Set-Up | Exciting New Video!

  1. Oh no, it’s nearly April!! I hadn’t even realised 😂Loving the look of your next month. Just seeing your design has made me want to try bubble writing again – used to do that a lot in high school, it was so much fun. I really hope April is a bright one for you lovely. Stay safe & well,
    Caz xx

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    • Yep, and we’re already three days in (unbelievable how time flies!). My bubble writing used to be terrible, just like little blobs. Hopefully this is an improvement? Thank you for your kind words, though I doubt there is much use for a calendar. Hope you’re okay!

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  2. Happy April, Erin! 💕 I’m not looking forward to much this month, just finishing my internship and hoping that things calm down. It gets harder staying home!

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    • Thanks, and same to you Marta! It’s quite weird to have everyone home for once, but I’ve not lost my marbles… yet. Hope the internship ends successfully, and of course that this crazy situation settles. Take care! x

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