Top 5 Shows To Watch In Quarantine

Though reading and doing our work would be a productive way of spending time in quarantine, we all can’t fight the urge to watch telly sometimes. Recently I’ve been in a slump. Not just because of what’s gig on, but other personal life events this year that have really taken a toll on things. I kept saying to myself ‘tomorrow can be my new start’ but then another hurdle was thrown down, and I tripped over it. To distract myself from these worries, I like to watch telly and do some knitting. No – it’s not a cool thing for a teenager to do. But it’s better for my mind than mindlessly scrolling through Snapchat and watching cake videos (lol that is actually my life).

Here are my top 5 things to watch when you’re down (all on BBC iPlayer because I don’t have Netflix):

5) Mrs. Brown’s Boys

Nothing beats a bit of comedy, and I can watch these again and again without tiring from the jokes. My parents says it’s absolute rubbish but I really love it. And they don’t film new series’ anymore, so the subject matter of the episodes are all a few years behind. It’s better than mentioning the C word!


4) Miranda

You guessed it, another comedy. My mum, brother and I used to watch these a lot when we were too young to understand the jokes. Now I’m older, I watch it for a bit of nostalgia but mainly a laugh (out loud, and I must sound insane to my brother who thinks I’m laughing at nothing)


3) Call The Midwife

I recently got obsessed with this show! I don’t binge-watch, which means I have a good couple of hours of entertainment still to watch. The episodes are a healthy hour long and I usually get so wrapped up in it that I abandon the knitting and just stare blankly.


2) Gavin & Stacey

It’s not often that this gets put second on a list of favourites! I love Gavin & Stacey, though when I first got into it I watch the episodes three times over and sort of spoilt it for myself? Really wish I could have retained myself from binge-watching but it’s just so good! I highly recommend to anyone. From the outside it looks like trash, but when you get into it it’s like a black hole. O’right Stace, wha’s occurin’? Anyone for an omelette? (poor old Gwen, she never gets the spotlight)


1) Doctor Who

It is not possible to describe my love for this TV programme. I’m utterly in love, and have been since I was 3 or younger (can’t remember much from back then). But my childhood, and my continuing childhood, is always centred around this basis of my Whovian-ism. It’s just amazing, and a perfect distraction from anything you’re worrying about. I watched it a lot when I felt down, but that doesn’t deter me from feeling so happy at the sound of ‘woo-wee-woo, woo-wee-woo’. In fact, after writing this I’m going to start watching from the beginning.


Do you use TV as a distraction from your worries? What shows are you enjoying at the moment? What do you do when watching telly?

erin x



24 thoughts on “Top 5 Shows To Watch In Quarantine

    • Yes, I can remember we used to talk about it all the time. I have watched every single episode of New Who. Living in the U.K. means I can watch it live! I wasn’t too impressed by the new series, and 10 is still my favourite. What about you?


      • I really thought season ten was great as well! It was so unique compared to other season. However, I think that David Tennant was the best doctor, and his seasons were great.

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      • Yeah, when I said 10 I meant the Tenth Doctor, aha. He is my favourite! Unfortunately the writing for Jodie Whittaker hasn’t been great. But she is a brilliant actress and would have done so well without Chris Chibnall! I could have a full-on nerdy rant but I won’t bore you xD


  1. Absolutely love Mrs Browns boys and Doctor Who!! Have always wanted to see Miranda, it looks hilarious. Have you seen the I.T Crowd or Black Books? I’m mad about them! Great post as always! Take care 💕

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    • Yeah, it is brilliant! No, I haven’t watched either of those but my friend is crazy about the I.T Crowd. I don’t have Netflix so I wouldn’t know how to watch it! Maybe one day, and if I do I’ll come to you and chat about it.
      Thank you for reading, hope you’re well ❤

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    • Christopher Eccleston was the first Doctor I saw, and actually the last one I watched (I’m going all the way from the beginning). Maybe I’ll write a post about Doctor Who in the future!


    • She really stands for all of us! Such an icon, I just wish she wasn’t fictional so we could all go and have a chat with her. I binge-watched the full three series and now there’s nothing left to watch 🙁 Take care, lovely!


  2. I need to start watching Dr. Who again! If you’re looking for a new show to check out I would highly recommend Unorthodox- it’s a mini series so just four episodes but it’s so good!

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