The Perfect Morning Routine | Books, Skincare & Yoga!

As my night routine post was so successful, I decided to a morning routine as well! The morning is my favourite time of day. I try to make this most of the early hours, and I usually achieve the routine in this post 6 times a week. For some reason Thursdays are never great for my productivity. Does any one else have a day like that? No matter how hard you try, it just never works out? Let me know in the comments.

1. Yoga

If it doesn’t happen in the morning, it doesn’t happen at all. That’s why I do this first thing! Usually the sessions are about half an hour long, which is perfect. Through yoga my body can fully wake up before I get on with other tasks. Also, after sleeping for eight hours, I certainly need a stretch! You can read more about my daily yoga practise here. 

2. Skincare routine 

It’s really important to have a skincare routine. When I wake up, I cleanse my face then use moisturiser with SPF. However the evening is a little bit different! I won’t go through this now though, because I just uploaded a whole post about my skincare routine!

3. Breakfast

Without breakfast, I start snacking throughout the day. My go-to breakfast is porridge but I do have lots of other recipes! While eating I enjoy reading. It’s a more positive experience than watching the news! Currently I’m reading The Darkest Minds by Alexandra Bracken.

4. Duolingo

I don’t touch screens until an hour after I wake up. And after breakfast and yoga, it’s usually 7am. Which means I can practise my languages! At the moment I’m doing French et c’est tres facile cependent les verbes sont difficiles! J’adore français.

5. Post on Instagram

On Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays I spend about ten minutes posting to Instagram and catching up on your lovely comments! Doing this at the start of the day motivates me to be productive. And your kind words always bring a smile to my face ☺️

6. Do one thing from my to-do list

This could be writing a blog post, practising my cello or even doing homework. But ticking something off my to-do list close to the beginning of the day makes me quite happy! And once one thing is ticked off, I just want to carry on.

7. Bunnies

They deserve a cuddle every morning! 

8. Head off for my day

At the weekends I might go for a walk or have a drama rehearsal. On the days where I have nothing planned, I try to get myself out. Being inside all day really isn’t good for me! Even though I might want to stay in bed, the best thing for both my mental and physical health is getting outdoors. Some days I have a load of homework so I’ll take myself to the library to do it. 

Thank you for reading this post! I’m sorry for the dominating pronoun being ‘me’ and ‘I’. So in the comments, let me know what you do in the mornings. 

Is there anything you can’t miss in your routine? How do you prepare yourself for a busy day?

Hope you’re all well, whether you had a good or bad morning!

erin x



34 thoughts on “The Perfect Morning Routine | Books, Skincare & Yoga!

  1. Naww bunny cuddles! I find doing one thing on my to-do list, especially one I’m really not looking forward to or is causing a lot of stress, makes me feel a lot better. Get something out of the way to lift a little of the burden for the rest of the day. xx

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    • I ought to get a few photos of my cute bunnies so that you can adore them just as much as I do 😆 With the homeschooling system I’m having to follow, it’s good to get a subject you don’t like out the way first.
      Thank you for reading and hope you’re well ☺️

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  2. I love starting out the day with yoga and meditation too! It really gives me great energy for the rest of the day. For skincare I usually use rosewater for my face these days just because it’s more natural and my skin is kind of sensitive.

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    • I already feel energised from just 20 minutes of yoga this morning. It’s such a brilliant meditation. I’ve heard many good things about rose water but I don’t like to experiment in case my skin flares up again 😆
      Hope you’re well, Pooja! Thanks for your thoughtful comment 🙏


  3. This is great! I really admire you for waking up so early and sticking to your routine 😅
    I’ve been waking up somewhat early, between 7 and 8, I’ve actually been following my work out plan (I downloaded an app, and it tells me what to do, when to do, so it’s easier for me to stick to it), I have breakfast and I check my texts/social media, and then I start my day. Even staying home, I have my internship work (8 hours per day), online classes, homework, etc so I’m never bored. And I’ve been trying to drink more water, and drink a full bottle as soon as I wake up, so it gets easier too!! 😁 (I have been doing very poorly in languages tho because I can barely find time to study, so my German just keeps getting worse. Mais tu parles français! Très bien!!)

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    • Waking up early has always been easy for me, I try not to get out of rhythm (even weekends). That’s brilliant that you’re sticking to your goals. I follow a plan on YouTube but I actually have a post about it soon. Though I have the extra hour or two here and there, I’m also under a pile of schoolwork. It’s much more manageable than actually going into school though (less people). Congratulations on the water drinking! I try to encourage my family but they still won’t go without ‘a cup of tea before anything else’. We’re all different, I suppose.
      I don’t speak a lot of French but I’m getting more fluent by the day, saying things in my head in French instead of English. Hopefully I can go, once this is over, and speak to French people in the flesh!
      Thank you for your comment, I really enjoy having conversations with you.
      Stay safe,
      Erin x

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      • Well, tea is still water, so it’s not all bad 😛 But you’re right, it’s not like you can force your habits on them, so might as well accept the differences and focus on yourself. Maybe one day they’ll see how dedicated you are and follow you! I hope your schoolwork is going well!
        I had French classes for three years in middle school and for the past five semesters in university and I can’t talk much really. I can keep a basic conversation, and that’s all. I’ve been trying to explore more things in French, so I get more into it!
        Thank you so much for your sweet words, Erin! I also love to talk to you ❤

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      • Aww, thank you Marta! My schoolwork is going well and thankfully I’m just about staying on top of it. What about you?
        French in school was never great, and I only really started learning through only classes and penpals! But it’s great that you learned something, and hopefully you can do some traveling and use your language skills! I know you live in Portugal, but how many languages do you speak? I find it fascinating. Would love to be bilingual myself, and English is such a hard one to learn.
        It’s so lovely talking with you. Hope you’re well 🙃

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      • I speak Portuguese (duh hahaha), started learning English in 5th [10 years old] grade, maybe? or a bit before, in primary school? i believe it was optional back then. Had French from 7th to 9th [13-15] , and then stopped during high school, then chose it again in university, since my major is languages, minor in business relations. And I’ve had German since 10th [15/16]. 🙂
        I believe English would be a hard language to study as an English speaker, as Portuguese is for me, due to all the classics, but I actually find it quite easy to understand as a foreigner. French is somewhat similar to Portuguese in structure and grammar, so if I don’t know a word, maybe around 70% of the time I can say it in Portuguese with a touch of French and they’ll actually understand what I mean. I can’t do the same with German tho xD Because Spanish is very similar to Portuguese, I can understand Spanish depending on the accent and how fast they talk (I’ve never learnt it, so it’s not like I know how to speak, but I can improvise), but I didn’t have many troubles with my Erasmus Spanish-speaking friends. And once, I understood an Italian friend speaking on the phone with her friends!! (again, I believe it’s because of my Portuguese, because Italian and Spanish people could *never* understand me).
        If you like cartoons, maybe you could give Miraculous Ladybug a try! I watched the 2nd season in French and I didn’t look *too* many times to the subtitles hahaha

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      • That’s amazing progress, I really can’t believe how your brain can cope with it all! In primary school I learnt Spanish, but it all went to pieces when I started French. I was almost fluent but as a young child I didn’t really have access to Duolingo or anything at the time. But French is the main language I’m learning now!
        German and English and brother languages so I can understand a lot of German through English. My accent is rubbish though, and luckily I’ve not had to use German in a dire emergency.
        I’ve read some English kid’s stories in French, so that I can make connections with the two. And Duolingo also does little stories to read along with. C’est tres amusant!
        I hope you are well, thank you for being so lovely in responded to my questions.
        Take care ❤

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  5. Thanks for sharing your morning routine! Just like you, morning us the favourite time of my day.
    I ‘ve realised what you do in the first hour of the day will shape the next fifteen hours, so it’s good to look after the mornings!
    And languages…. I am also a great fan of learning new languages, and I ‘ve heard many teachers say they are best learnt pendant le matin…. bon courage!!!
    Would love to read about your languages progress too….. take care! Sandra.

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    • You’re welcome, Sandra. Though I don’t stick to this routine religiously, it’s nice to have it there. I’ve not done my languages yet this morning, though they are coming along quite well. Duolingo just helps ease them along while I’m not in class! Are you learning French or other language? I would be interested to hear how it’s going! Hope you’re safe and thank you for the lovely comment 🙂

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      • Thanks, Kitty! I am refreshing my languages and I found that it works best when I study everyday at the same time, five days a week. The same time thing is very important.
        I havent tried duolingo- nice to hear about new features!
        I also find that when i take time off sick i must refresh from scratch….

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      • It’s great that you have found a learning routine. Usually I’d be sitting classes, but my timetable is all over the place because of the current situation. Duolingo is great though it uses American phrases opposed to Standard English. You should give it a try, all the same! Good luck with your learning. What languages are you studying currently? Thank you for stopping by ☀️


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  7. This is great! And please don’t be sorry for pronouns, because of your routine that you shared, a lot of people like me are gonna get motivated! Like now, I’m inspired to meditate and stretch before I go to bed. Also, you might want to check out mine too! Thank you, nice blog!

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