The Unexpected Everything | Morgan Matson | Book Review

Okay, now it’s over. And I just want more! Like, why end it so abruptly? What will happen to Clark and Andie? Please, Morgan Matson, give me more! 

I spent a week on this book, a lot longer than I would usually dedicate to reading, but I just wanted it to last forever. Sadly, it came to an end. As much as I tried to postpone the ending, it eventually came. Sometimes finishing books gives me satisfaction. This one just made me sad. I wanted to know so much more about Andie’s future. From a writer’s perspective, it’s good to allow your reader to predict what’s going to happen next. However, as a reader, I’m hungry for more. That’s how much I enjoyed this book!

The beginning started off like any YA contemporary: explaining the problems the protagonist faces. I thought this was going to be Andie solving her problems… but no! It was actually way more intriuging. Matson introduced many obstacles along the way which I really appreciate. You thought the hurdle had been jumped, then another one came. That kept the pace of the novel going and make me hasty to read on!

It was a wonderfully crafted book. The description was dreamy and clever, allowing the reader to create their own version of Andie’s world. Also, Andie was her own narrator. That meant we could see much deeper into her thoughts and feelings – especially about Clark! In YA it is common to see the standard life events skipped over, but Matson really focused in on the ‘normal’ things. Like dinner, texting your friends or the relationship with your parents. 

One element that I really enjoyed was the side narrative about Andie’s father. He worked in politics and for most of Andie’s life was away from home. But after the scandal, he ended up staying with Andie all summer. The novel showed the growing of a bond. It was very realistic in its hurdles – not washing over the reality too much. 

I suppose what I really enjoyed about this book was the various different things going on at once. There wasn’t just a love interest, but also the loss of a parent. And then the side plot about Andie’s father always working and never having the time for her. On top of that was friendship, and house parties and summer jobs. 

Please read this book. It will make you smile, laugh and cry.

Have you read this book? What are your favourite summer romances? Any titles you can recommend? 

Hope you are all having a lovely day. If not, I hope my blog can make you feel better!

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12 thoughts on “The Unexpected Everything | Morgan Matson | Book Review

    • Thank you so much, Daniella! It was absolutely brilliant. I recommend it comes off the TBR and straight into your hands (it’s also a good distraction from the problems we’re having at the moment). Hope you’re well, thanks for your comment! 💞


    • Thank you so much, I apologise for being so late to reply. Let me know how it goes! I have a lot of time on my hands these days so I hope to keep publishing reviews like this 🙃 Have a great day 💓


  1. The Unexpected Everything basically sums up summer romance PERFECTLY! It’s my favorite book by Morgan Matson and yessss, we need a sequel to this book! Other summer romances I like are, My Life Next door and any book by Kasie West;) Have you read any of those and do you have any other recommendations?;)

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    • Thank you, Lucy! I borrowed this one from the library and of course I can’t return it, so I may have the chance to re-read it during summer. Thank you for the recommendations! I’m sorry but I have none. But the ones you have mentioned I will add to my TBR right away.

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