Yoga | March For Mental Health

As part of Mental Health March I decided to practise a little bit of self-care. I started doing yoga in the mornings as a form on meditation! For a while I’ve wanted to try it out and there’s no time like the present, right?

I started this journey around the end of February. To have the time to do yoga I had to get up bright and early! My regular sleep schedule is 22:00 – 06:00 so jumping to 05:30 wasn’t such a huge leap. Now I spend the first 30 minutes of every morning practising yoga. Before last month I had never properly done yoga. I knew a few moves, such as the world-famous tree pose but beyond that I wasn’t knowledgable. So I decided to take guided yoga sessions.

At the moment I’m doing a 30 Day Challenge with Yoga With Adriene. She is a really good mentor, especially for beginners! If you are considering starting yoga, don’t hesitate! It’s completely free on her YouTube channel.

My experience has been really positive. It’s great to start the day with mindfulness, it sets the whole day up to be good. My emotions have been rational and I’ve started to notice a lift in my mood. I’ve just been more aware of my feelings, therefore dealing with them better.

In terms of physical improvements, I’ve not seen much so far. That’s because I’m only a few weeks in! It does make me feel better though. I think I’m more flexible than before. And by starting the day with exercise, it makes me want to continue being active throughout the day. I’ve been completing the 10,000 step goal more often! It may be down to something else, but I think it’s mainly the yoga.

A lot of people recommend exercising first thing in the morning but every workout regime I’ve tried – I never stuck with. Yoga is cleverly disguised. It feels more like meditation than exercise. So I don’t dread it when I wake up every morning! 

Before I forget, I ought to do my yoga for today! 

What do you do first thing in the morning? Have you ever tried yoga? How did it go?

erin x



38 thoughts on “Yoga | March For Mental Health

  1. I love yoga! It’s really helped me with my anxiety and I’m not that into exercising so like you mentioned this is a fun way to get your exercise in without feeling like you’re exercising.

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  2. I’ve actually been trying to have a better morning routine. Instead of checking my phone first thing in the morning or being lazy, I’ve been trying to drink a whole bottle of water and do exercise. I have yet to try yoga, and I could never wake up at 5:30 am regularly. I seriously admire your willpower!!

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    • That’s great news, and amazing that you can stick to it! Now homeschooling has come in to force I wake up at 6 and still get the yoga and workout done by 7. It’s crazy to me that I managed to stick to it! I’m one day away from completing the challenge and I just can’t believe I didn’t give up. Now I’ve tried it out I want to carry on.
      Good luck with your goals, all of this hard work will pay off and hopefully stick forever 🙂

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  3. I always do yoga in the mornings, it is part of my routine and I don’t even think about it, I just do. I have been doing it on and off but mostly on, my whole life. Now with regular Yoga class cancelled til the pandemic is over, Yoga with Adrienne might be nice to do as an added extra.
    Thanks for posting this. Have you been yoga- ing for long?

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    • Well done! That’s an amazing achievement. With yoga classes cancelled, I really recommend Adriene’s channel. It’s similar to being in a class, but of course the teacher can’t see what you’re doing. I’ve been practising yoga since late February, ever single day. This habit seems sure to stick and I’m very glad of it! Hope you’re well x


  4. I have been doing yoga myself for some years now and I can’t honestly imagine my life without it. i don’t think it should be approached as a form of exerce because it goes way beyond than moving your body. It can do so much for our mental and physical health if we let it. Super nice you decided to give it a try and are sticking to it! 🙂 keep going xx

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    • She is such an admirable personality. Would love to have her sense of wisdom at some point down the line. Glad you are enjoying her yoga! Hope you continue successfully on your mindfulness journey. Thank you for reading 🙃

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  8. I have been desperately meaning to get back into yoga and a light workout in the morning. I used to be so much better at it but extra sleep is a very tempting thing lol!

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    • Perhaps it’s worth going to bed earlier so you can do yoga without the desire to sleep in instead! It sets your day off with the right tone, as I’m sure you’ll agree. Hope it can work for you! 🙂


  9. Yes! I completed the 30 day challenge with Adrienne about a month ago and it really did help me get back into yoga! Speaking of morning, I like to wake up slowly but still accomplish things! Each day that looks different for me but I am working on finding the consistencies. I am excited to follow your journey! Blessings!

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