Best Photos Of The Season | Winter

This year I would really like to try out a seasonal challenge in which I take photos each season and compile them in a post at the end of the month. Winter is one of the most beautiful times of the year: there’s the cosiness of Christmas, beautiful frost of a morning, and the very picturesque snowy hills. Here are all the photos I managed to capture of this wonderful time of year:

Which of these photos is your favourite?

My favourite has got to be the one of the lightbulb. I think the contrast of the hygge lighting and cold outdoors makes it look super cosy!

Hope you all have a great Spring,

erin x



5 thoughts on “Best Photos Of The Season | Winter

  1. Lovely photos! Oddly enough, I think I’d have to pick the lightbulb one, because it’s so novel to focus in on the lightbulb (like the bare branches of a tree perhaps 😉) and have the snowy ground outside in the background. We’ve not had any snow here in our corner of the UK this winter, it’s just been oodles and oodles of rain. I would like to take more photos though, perhaps of spring!
    Caz xx

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    • Thank you, Caz! I think I might do this again at the end of Spring. The ‘heavy snow’ hardly lasted and it’s been very rainy here too. Feel blessed to not have been washed away!
      I would love to see those photos if you happen to take them!
      Have a lovely day 💓

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  2. Winter in Portugal is never special. It’s just clouds and rain. Thankfully, this year I experienced Winter in Germany! I loved seeing snow for the first time in a place that is not a mountain tbh, but I’m lowkey sad there wasn’t much snow ):

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    • Winter in Britain is also rain and showers, sadly. The snow you see in this post all came on one day and then it left later in the day! Quite sad really, since we used to have a couple snow days a year.
      Germany looks very beautiful from the outside! You have quite a bit of snow, and then the delicious chocolate 😋 But then wishing for snow might not be wise, and it also comes with lots of problems. Especially for those sleeping rough.
      Hope you’re having a great day so far!

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