February Bullet-Journal Set Up ft. Me Apologising About It Being So Late

Sorry for this set-up being a bit late! I did have all the photos ready before February but my pea-brain forgot about it entirely 😅 At least it’s here now! I didn’t want the theme to have anything to do with Valentines. However I did end up doing roses. It was purely by accident!

This post is going to be a little different to my usual set-ups. Instead of ranting about every single page I’m going to leave the photos uncaptioned. 


Do any of you bullet journal? If so, what was your theme for February?

erin x



10 thoughts on “February Bullet-Journal Set Up ft. Me Apologising About It Being So Late

  1. Your bullet journal setup is so pretty! I love the roses! Where did you get your bullet journal from? I’ve been looking for one but I haven’t been able to find many with dot paper at a good price, so I just ordered a 2020 diary that was on sale, I think I’ll use that this year as I can still decorate it with doodles, washi tape and stickers and maybe add some extra pages somehow as I’d like to do a page with the books I’ve read this year 💛

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    • That’s lovely of you, Emily! I have the ‘essentials’ bullet journal and I had it as a Christmas present. It retails for £10.00, which is quite inexpensive for such quality! It also lies flat and has a pocket in the back. I used to be a diary person but the layout never worked for me. I much prefer organising it myself!
      Thank you for your kind comment. Hope you have a nice day! xx

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      • Ah that sounds so good and awesome it lies flat! I usually go for ring bound notebooks and sketchbooks as I find it so annoying when I can’t get a case bound one to lie flat 🙈 I’ll have a look around for something similar for next year, and see how I go with a diary for 2020 xx

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