These Aren’t Your Regular Self-Care Tips

Don’t feel guilty for taking a break. Some of you say sorry and write a whole post of apology… You really don’t need to! Most breaks from social media benefit a person’s mental health and that’s brilliant. I think we all should be spending less time on technology – especially now brighter season’s are coming (for the northern hemisphere at least). Life is for living, not sitting in your room trying to gain followers. Instead of scheduling breaks, just take them when you need to. In Winter I tend to blog a lot because there’s nothing to do outside! However, when spring comes, I go on walks and enjoy the world around me. You should try it too. 

A lot of social media is now filled up with ‘self-care’ and ‘how to be happy’. Though those accounts can bring smiles to people’s faces, nothing feels better than experiencing the warmth of sun on your face. No bubble bath can beat the satisfaction of ticking a task off the to-do list. 

Self-love comes in many different forms. Getting things done is more kind to yourself than watching Netflix.

Please do what is right for you. Don’t feel that you have to journal because you have a lot of thoughts on your mind. Just because working out benefits your friend, doesn’t mean it’s going to benefit you. Different things work for different people. These differences make us all unique and, as they say, variety is the spice of life.

I’m not going to apologise that this post is cheesy. I’m not going to let any of you apologise for taking care of yourself. 

erin x



19 thoughts on “These Aren’t Your Regular Self-Care Tips

  1. So spot on. I think there are different aspects to self care. Like the pampering style stuff and little things to cheer us up, and the deeper, long term things, the inner care and satisfaction (like achievement, saying no, being assertive). And as you say, what works for one doesn’t necessarily work for another because we’re all different – there’s no one size fits all approach to self care. Well said xx

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    • Thank you, Caz! Your words of reassurance are appreciated. I think I lot of people try to fit into the cookie cutter ‘blogger’. However, we’re all different and need our different methods of self-care. Bubble baths and candles don’t give us long-term satisfaction! We need to focus more on being healthy and accepting ourselves ☺️ Thank you! Hope you are well 💖

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  2. Love this post! I took a little break from social media recently but it really helped to take a step back and focus on the things that make me happy, I do love blogging though so I’m happy to be back, I feel a lot more refreshed and inspired 💛

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    • It’s great that you had a break! I’ve always wanted to step back, especially from Instagram, but at the moment I’m running a readathon so I don’t want to abandon all the work I put into it 🙂 Maybe in the Spring, when things get busy, I can start focusing more on my life and not as much on social media 💓

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      • I think it’s good to take a break every now and again, in December I was posting daily on my blog and Instagram for the countdown to Christmas and I did really enjoy it but I do try to limit the time I spend on social media to about an hour (maybe 2) a day, as I think it’s better for my mental health that way and I can spend more time drawing, knitting or reading a book 💛

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      • The run up to Christmas is a manic time for bloggers but it should be the complete opposite! Christmas is a time for love and family – not rushing about trying to blog every day. I try to spend less than an hour on my phone a day but blogging is more of a therapy. If I want to spend my afternoons writing, that’s exactly what I’ll do. But I also make time for going on walks and getting outdoors 🙂 We seem to have similar interests, Emily! If I get in touch would you like to collaborate with me? x

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      • One of my goals for 2020 is to go for a walk everyday, to get fresh air, exercise and do a little photography, but the weather hasn’t been great recently so I have been skipping walks 🙈 I’m not a fan of the wind and rain, it’s seems to be storm after storm at the moment! I’m still trying to figure out my posts and schedule at the moment, I’ve got a few posts on my list that I need to write, but it would be fun to collaborate in the future! Maybe in a couple of months? Maybe something book or knitting based? x

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      • I get a walk in at least 3 days a week, but more in the holidays! Walks are really great because, as you said, you can take photos, get fresh air, exercise and listen to music all in one! In a couple of months I’ll get back to you 🙂 Thanks for the opportunity though! x

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  3. This was lovely to read about, Erin! I wish I was a better-organized person. Ever since I came back I’ve been worrying. Worrying that my schedule is the worst, that I’m not doing enough hours on my internship, that I can’t miss any event of my extracurricular activities, that I’m not doing enough in anything, that I’m not blogging, that I’m not reading, … I haven’t even been drinking enough water or doing my skincare decently. I’d love to go for a walk or something, but it gets hard to find the time, and when I have time, I’m exhausted, tbh. I hope February is treating you well, tho ❤

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    • Thank you, Marta! You have nothing to worry about. Just keep doing what you’re doing and it will work out in the end. You can miss an odd extra curricular activity – especially because your own mental health comes first. And drinking water is necessary!
      Hope things work out for you x

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