7 Places & Countries I’d Love To Visit

Inspired by my good blogging friend Arabella (Sparks Of Ara) I’ve decided to share with 7 places I’d love to visit! As much as I love travelling, I’ve hardly been outside of Europe. Today’s post is going to be a little insight into my life goals. I’m very fortunate to be able to dream about where I want to go in life. I have friends that don’t have the money to go on holiday so I do feel really privileged to have experienced the things I have. Sometimes I can get carried away by ‘dreams’ and ‘wants’. Like any ambitious teenager, once I’ve finished university I’d love to go around the world! It’s been on my bucket-list since I can remember. If you have been/live in anywhere I mention in the post then I would love to chat about it!



Arabella chose this one too, but I think that Norway is such a wonderful country. It would be great to see the Northern Lights and have a little biking trip around all of the cute villages. However it would be a pricey ordeal so I don’t know how long it will be until I get to this one!

Provence, France

I’ve visited France twice, but always in the North. I’d love to venture South into the lavender fields of Provence! It is a very picturesque landscape and everything looks so stripped back and tranquil. 

New Zealand

Imagine if I could visit every continent before I die (possibly excluding Antarctica)? If I was to visit Oceania it would be to see the sights of New Zealand. My dad has a friend over there so it would be possible to have accommodation free 😅 I’m not as intrigued by Australia but seeing a performance in the Opera house would be stunning!


Full of huge stationery shops, wonderful nature and the birth place of Pokèmon – I wonder why I don’t live there already? Recently there has been a surge of people on social media visiting Japan and I’d just like to hop on the bandwagon. It is also home to the world’s biggest stationary store. I could spend by days flicking through art paper and trying out pens!


I can’t handle heat but I would love to visit Africa all the same. A few people I know have visited Morocco for a holiday. I wouldn’t go for the culture but more of a ‘kick back and relax’ sort of destination. 


Learning French does me a favour because a lot of the world speaks it, even in Canada. If I could only visit one city out of the whole country I would go to Quebec. Or Toronto. I suppose I’d have to look into it more! 

Rio De Janeiro 

The only continent I’ve missed off this list is South America! Rio is a really lively and interesting place. It’s a hotspot for tourists and full of culture. I’ll have to improve my Portuguese before I even think about going though! I don’t know a word in Portuguese (other than the ones in the Twilight novels 😂)

Do you have a travel bucket list? What is the favourite place you’ve visited (even if it’s in the same country that you live in)?

erin x



16 thoughts on “7 Places & Countries I’d Love To Visit

  1. This was really cool to read! Thanks for mentioning me! I’d love to visit all of the places on your list too! New Zealand sounds so much fun, along with Japan! Norway too, haha! If I went to France, I have no clue where I’d visit because there’s so many cities and towns I could go to, I wish I could visit them all! I’m also learning French, so France and Canada would be super fun because of that. Great post!!

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    • You’re very welcome – the credit is all yours! France is so full of culture. I’ve been twice but still not seen as much as I would like to. I hope we both get a chance to visit our dream destinations someday, Ara!
      Have a good weekend x


    • That’s great! You’re much more prepared than I am. Luckily I have connections with Italy yet I haven’t learned the language… I’ll have to be a quick learner if I plan on going in summer! Thank you for the comment Nico.


  2. I completely understand what you’re saying by being carried away by your dreams. For years, my holidays were always near home, always in my own country, but after I got a little taste of the world outside, I wanted more, more, more!! I’m very lucky I got to study for a few months in the centre of Europe, which allowed me to cross a few more countries off my own personal list. Your list is wonderful, btw! I’d love to visit Morocco (I had to stop there once but I won’t count being in the airport as actually being there eheh), Japan, Norway and Canada, too. France as well – that picture looks lovely, but I’d love to visit Paris. Other places I can think of are Italy, Greece, Mexico, New York, … saying the whole world would be easier hahah But these are the places I’d like to visit first, and I’m sure I won’t get to know the whole world, unfortunately (I follow a Portuguese couple on Instagram and they travel while working and I LIVE for their pictures). As for Rio, I really, really liked it there when I visited and I hope you get to know it and love it too!! And, of course, you need to learn some Portuguese 😛

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    • My dream is to visit every continent but I’ve only been to one (which is the one I live in ahah!) and I went to America when I was very young so I can’t remember it. I think it could be possible but at the moment my focus is purely on school and studying and it will be like that for a few years. Hope you’re doing well! x

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  3. I really want to go to Japan as well and you should definitely visit Canada sometime! I haven’t been to Quebec yet but I’ve been to Toronto and it’s a really fun place with so many things to do!

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  4. The continent of Africa is so vast – you just have to pick a country and the right season if you want to avoid strong heat. I visited Morocco in March and it was just starting to warm up for summer, but temperatures were in the 20s (celcius), which was comfortable – so Jan/Feb would probably a lot cooler. 🔆

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    • That’s amazing, thank you for your advice. As I can speak French (a little bit at least) it would also be great for my language learning. Once this is all over I’ll be able to go to Morocco and it shall be the most amazing experience. Can’t wait to share it with you 😊

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