30 Useful Things To Do If You Have A Spare Minute

However busy we may be, it is quite often that we may come across a spare minute in our day. Instead of scrolling on Instagram or indulging in an unhealthy snack – you can do these things and remain productive! 

  1. Practise an instrument (that’s if you play one) or pick up that old ukelele in the corner that you’ve always wanted to learn!
  2. Write a letter to someone you ought to speak to more.
  3. Sort out your wardrobe/a messy drawer/cupboard that you have been putting off for a while.
  4. Make greetings cards so that they are ready for when an occasion comes along. 
  5. If you are in school, do some quick revision or questions.
  6. Don’t pretend to be bored when you actually have work to do. Get on with the things on your to-do list!
  7. Call someone and have a catch up.
  8. Rearrange the apps on your phone and delete distracting ones, or those you don’t use.
  9. Make a drink for everyone you live with.
  10. Make a playlist of some sort.
  11. Set up a bullet journal spread that will help you stay on track with a goal or keep you organised.
  12. Plan an inexpensive, fun day trip!
  13. Read a book.
  14. Listen to music, put on your headphones and dance around like a maniac. You’ll feel stupid and happy at the same time!
  15. To all of my blogging friends, write a post or Instagram caption!
  16. Talk to an elderly relative or neighbour via phone or in person, depends how much spare time you have!
  17. Paint or doodle (it doesn’t have to be brilliant)
  18. Get thoughts off your mind by journaling or publishing them in a blog.
  19. Practise mindfulness and meditate for a few minutes.
  20. Go for a walk or do some exercise outdoors.
  21. Read through an old diary for a good cheering up.
  22. Do an indoor workout if the weather isn’t too good!
  23. Take photos around your local area. 
  24. Finish a craft kit that you’ve been putting off for years. You could even invite your friends or family to join you!
  25. Plan gift ideas on paper (and don’t lose it) so that Christmas next year won’t be as hectic as the one just gone!
  26. Organise stationery
  27. Organise makeup
  28. Knit while watching telly (I may be the only teenager who does that)
  29. Wash art or makeup brushes!
  30. Check the time and make sure you’re not late for the next thing in your busy day.

They are all of my ideas of things to do when you have a spare minute! Of course there are more, but I know you wouldn’t read through them all haha. I hope you all having a great month so far! Let me know how you’re doing in the comments.

What do you do when you have a spare minute? Or is it rare you have any time to yourself?




6 thoughts on “30 Useful Things To Do If You Have A Spare Minute

  1. These are so nice!! However, I’m guilty of doing them when I’m procrastinating xD I should probably be studying, for example, and instead, I would be organizing my wardrobe or something! When I have some time to spare, during the school weeks, I usually sleep or read (everything else, like blogging, is usually scheduled, so it’s officially part of my to-do list). During the holidays, I kind of do the things in your list 🙂

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    • Thank you Marta! Yeah, sometimes I blog because it’s productive when I should actually get on with work 😆 Holidays feels like so far away but at least this weekend is kind of free for me! Hope you have a great Wednesday x

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