Bullet Journal Non-Essentials (But Make Your Spreads More Creative)

The basics of bullet journaling are a pen and paper. It took me a year to figure out what works for me and once I had that sorted I went looking for extras that I could add to my spreads. Today’s post is a list of stationary that can help you achieve more visually pleasing pages. Things like fake calligraphy and fancy titles are very popular on Pinterest. But which pens to use? Hopefully this post will help you in that situation!

  • Stabilo Boss Highlighters

Lots of my friends have these highlighters and I was eyeing them up for a few months before I got myself a pack! They are really high quality and last a long time. Though they can be expensive it’s definitely worth the investment. I got mine in a Black Friday sale for only £4.00

  • Tombow Dual Brush Pens

If you keep up with the bullet journal icons (like AmandaRachLee) you will be aware of these expensive and pretty pens. They were a Christmas present (I don’t think I would’ve got them otherwise). I had been practising my hand-lettering with cheaper pens but as soon as I got these my calligraphy game improved my miles! I love how smooth they glide over standard paper and they don’t ghost/bleed at all.

  • Ruler

You can certainly free-hand bullet journal but I like a ruler. My favourite is the Helix foldable one because you can fit in a small pencil case but also fold it out when you need a larger length!

  • Faber Castell Pitt Artist Fineliners

If you aren’t willing to buy the 8 pack then XS would be my recommendation. However, the other ones come in handy when you want thicker lines or when practising fake calligraphy. I received a my pack for Christmas 2 years ago and they are still standing! I did get a replacement this year though because the brush nibs were slightly skewed. The other ones were fine though!

  • HP Sprocket/polaroids

I love using polaroids in journal spreads, especially travel diaries. You can get all sorts of polaroid printers but I have the HP Sprocket. They are very expensive and non-essential but if you are looking for something to put on a birthday/Christmas list this is definitely the one.

  • Pressed Flowers

Pressed flowers add a rustic feel to spreads – there’s something about floral designs that feel vintage. I have a flower press and sometimes go and collect flowers from around the garden. If you are looking for a more instant process, however, there are pre-pressed flowers on Etsy that aren’t too expensive.

Do you have a bullet journal? What are your go-to pens or highlighters?

I would love know in the comments below, or you can send my photos of your beautiful spreads on Instagram!




2 thoughts on “Bullet Journal Non-Essentials (But Make Your Spreads More Creative)

  1. I don’t keep a bullet journal exactly, I like to plan my life digitally, but I do have two journals that I like very much and are lifesavers at times. One is for random thoughts when my mind is messy – and the whole notebook is a mess, I don’t bother much with it. And the other is for happy thoughts, and lists of things that I’ll like to remember, and now I also use it to plan my yearly goals, so I keep it prettier 😛 I also have those pastel Stabilo highlighters, which I love (I have a pack of four colours, but I’d really like to get yellow next) and a Polaroid printer (I didn’t get it because of this – I would like a Polaroid camera but a printer is smaller, lighter, easier to pack, or not to pack at all, because I can print everything later, and the quality is better, I can check how I want the picture xD mine is Instax Mini Link ^^)

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    • That sounds like a good idea! My bullet journal is not amazingly ‘aesthetic’ but it keeps my life together in some ways. Google Calendar is where I do a lot of planning but I like it on paper for reassurance! I bought the sprocket because I know I would take a camera around with me 🤣 Thank you for your very long and lovely comment – I really appreciate it! x

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