My Ideal Nighttime Routine | Journaling, Hygge & Cosiness

Having good routines is essential if you want to make the most out of your day. It can be really hard to maintain a certain sleep pattern if you don’t have a good nighttime routine. In this post I’m sharing with you my ideal nighttime routine. I won’t be able to achieve this exact routine every night but I aim to do it about 5-6 times a week. If there are things you want to incorporate into your daily routine, the best place to but them at the start or the end! Because in the daylight hours we’re all rushing around getting boring things done…

  • Change into pyjamas 

I don’t feel very relaxed until I’ve change into comfy pyjamas! 

  • Have a wash

Taking off the day’s makeup and washing my face is a small luxury. There’s something very satisfying about cleaning (whether it’s my room or my face). Some days take longer than others, but the base of my skincare routine is the same. If you are interested I’ll consider making it into a post.

  • Tidy room

By doing a little bit of tidying every day it means that no mess piles up. I can’t properly concentrate on anything else if my room isn’t clean! 

  • Get clothes ready for the next day

Getting my clothes together the night before means that there’s less stress the following morning. I quite enjoying putting outfits together but if I’m in a rush I usually come out of my room looking a mess. 

  • Set alarm

Too many times have I forgotten to do this… 

  • Make a cup of tea

Though a cup of tea is how I start my day, I don’t think the caffeine in it is enough to keep me awake at the end of the day! The hygge lifestyle you see all over social-media is the sort of thing I do at the end of my day. Making a cup of tea is just the essence of it!

  • Put on some music

I don’t much chance to listen to music at any other point in the day. My usual journalling tunes are some Beatles instrumentals or lo-fi tunes. 

  •   Journal for as long as I need to

Sometimes I only need to write a paragraph or two, it just depends how much has gone on that day emotionally. I try to not journal for too long though – because of course I need to get to bed!

  • Fall asleep

Reading wasn’t included in this routine. My prime reading time is in the mornings and I often don’t have the energy to read after a long day! If you did enjoy this post then I will write my morning routine for you as well. 

Do you have an ideal nighttime routine? Are you are an early bird or night owl?




8 thoughts on “My Ideal Nighttime Routine | Journaling, Hygge & Cosiness

  1. This sounds very nice!! I don’t have exactly a nighttime routine, because I’m always so busy with classes, extracurricular activities, studying, blogging, etc etc, that I usually just change clothes, wash my face (and sometimes I’m /too/ tired or lazy to do my proper skincare routine), and go to bed. If I manage to read, watch Youtube or watch a tv show episode before bed, that’s a victory. I also keep forgetting to turn my alarms on! 😛

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    • I like having a structure to everything so that’s why I have a bedtime routine like this. Not that I will always stick to it, but it’s nice to have it there! For most of my life I’ve been good at not watching TV right before bed but recently that good habit has slides… oops! Plus I can’t work well at night so I do most of my school work in the day or morning x

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