5 Stocking Stuffers That Cost Under £10

Stockings are the highlight of Christmas. Even if you’re not leaving it at the end of someone’s bed, it’s a great gift idea for Secret Santa too! I much prefer receiving a few little presents than one big one. Today I’m sharing with you five stocking filler ideas that will cost you less than £10!


Who doesn’t like a good candle? Burning candles at this time of year makes an atmosphere seem instantly more cosy. You don’t have to spend a great amount of money either. Home Bargains have some great deals on candles at the moment. Though their range isn’t as broad as Yankee Candle, the options they do have smell gorgeous! I bought my mum an Apple & Cinnamon candle that burns for up to 95 hours! It cost only £2.99 which I think is a good deal.


Not only is baking a fun activity, it can also serve as a present! My brother really loves Mint Chocolate so I’m going to make him some peppermint creams and mint-choc-chip cookies then wrap them up in a cute little tin. It can be really personable! It’s a good last minute gift too – you’ll want to be baking them on Christmas Eve so that they’re nice and fresh for the day ahead.

Bath Bombs

Though Christmas is a social time of year, it’s also important to be taking care of yourself as well! Baths can be really relaxing and bath bombs make it feel extra special. You can buy high-quality bath bombs from Wilko for just £1 each! If you want to spend a little bit more, however, Lush is a perfect shop to go to. They have really festive bath bombs that are plastic-free 😁


What is Christmas without socks? Socks are a great stocking-filler because they’re relatively cheap and there’s lots of variation. You can get some with a joke on (for your friend) or some really nice fluffy ones (for your Grandma 😂) The options are endless which makes it a universal present!


There is not a single person I know that doesn’t have a use for stationary. 8 year old girls dream for it (I was definitely one of those), people doing their exams need it, and the older generations are always looking for a pen to use! Getting a nice notebook and pen can easily cost less than £5. Sainsbury’s and Wilko have lovely selections – it looks just as good as Paperchase. Christmas is conveniently at the end of the year so you could also buy a 2020 planner for those people you know aren’t too organised.

Thank you for reading today’s post! There are definitely a lot more things than I have mentioned so stay tuned if you’d like to see a part two. I’m really excited for Christmas – especially now that I know what I am buying for who!

Do you plan what you’re buying for who – or leave it to the last minute?




2 thoughts on “5 Stocking Stuffers That Cost Under £10

  1. I’m a budget buyer so I love gift inspiration like this – you’ve got some excellent picks! I’m sure your mum will love that candle, wouldn’t mind one for myself as Apple & Cinnamon sounds quite nice! Haven’t had a bath bomb in aaaaaages. Have you tried the Wilko ones? Definitely a bargain if they’re good. I do like Lush for the experience though. Socks and stationery are pretty universal gifting ideas, so versatile for anyone. I also bloody love socks & stationery so I’ll be keeping an eye out in the Boxing Day sales for myself (yet again – looking at a gift guide and finding things I want for myself 😂)
    Caz xx

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    • Thank you Caz! You deserve to treat yourself sometimes. I haven’t tried the Wilko bath bombs for myself but I have bought them for a lot of people so I hope that they’re good 😆 Boxing Day sales never see my face – after Christmas I’m conserving money as much as possible!
      I hope that you have a lovely Christmas 😊

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