My Christmas Bucket-List | 5 Activity Ideas For Winter

Thank you so much Zoe for the idea for this post! Make sure to check out her blog, YouTube and Instagram if you haven’t already. Between now and Christmas I’d like to complete a few festive things (big and small) and this post is going to be a place for all of those ideas! Also, if you don’t know what activities to do in the holidays, then this is a perfect place to find things to do.

  • Go to a Christmas/local market

This is an item on my list that I have already completed! Last Friday I went to a nighttime market after school and it was very jolly. All the Christmas lights are up in town so that definitely added to the coziness (despite it being freezing). I love buying local produce and this market was a hive for that sort of stuff!

  • Make a gingerbread house

This one is a bit ambitious but with patience I’m sure that I’ll be able to achieve it. Usually we buy a kit and just do the decorating. However, that doesn’t usually take long. So to make the project last a bit longer I’ve had the idea to make it from scratch! If it goes well then I’ll definitely post it on my Instagram.

  • Roast chestnuts

We do have chestnuts and we do have an open fire! Now the only thing we need is time.

  • Watch Christopher Robin on the sofa with a hot chocolate

This activity is much less demanding from the money-aspect of things. My mum and I really love Winnie-The-Pooh and when Christopher Robin came out we were immediately obsessed! We don’t yet have the DVD so that’s on the Christmas Wishlist. Christmas can be super busy so it would be nice to find a free afternoon to do this!

  • Make a Christmas/Winter wreath

Back in Autumn my friend and I made autumn wreaths out of all of the fallen orange leaves. I’d like to do the same but for Christmas. There’s not much foliage about in Winter but I’m sure I’ll be able to find some evergreens and pinecones! If all else fails we do have a wreath for the door but I thought that it would be nice to make my own this year. If you get your friends or family around it can be a great activity to do with them!

And that makes a perfect five things to achieve this season! If you end up recreating any of these ideas then do let me know via Instagram. I am aware that not all of my readers are Christian but hopefully you’ll be able to do some of these things without the Christmas twist! (such as making a winter wreath, or going to a local market) Thank you all for reading and have a lovely week!

What are your favourite Christmas activities? Do you have any winter traditions?




22 thoughts on “My Christmas Bucket-List | 5 Activity Ideas For Winter

  1. My christmas tradition before my son was born was sitting in front of my PC and watch all mushy christmas romance I can find, laze around the sofa with warm herbal teas and books. This year we are spending it deep in the woods in a cabin with a fireplace… seeing the chestnut and the chocolate in your post just gave me an idea… TIME TO BUY CHESTNUTS! 😋

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  2. Ooo love the ideas, Erin! I’ve never made a Gingerbread house from a kit let alone from scratch. Would love to see your step by step of that – good luck! Christmas markets, at least one, is on my list too. I don’t always buy much but it’s lovely if the atmosphere is good because it feels inclusive and warm and gets you feeling that bit more festive.xx

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  3. This was lovely to read! ❤ I think that each year that passes, I lose more interest in Christmas, and I'm actually more interested in the days/weeks before, than Christmas itself, because there's just so much noise (my younger brother and cousins) and family drama. This year I'm experiencing a totally different way of celebrating, because Germans are really extra. There are a lot of trees everywhere and decorations, and maybe five markets (just in my city here). I also got to experience st Nicholas for the first time (we don't really celebrate it in Portugal), so that was nice. And so I think I don't have any Bucket List xD

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    • Thank you Marta – it is always appreciated! The run up to Christmas is carnage – I hate all of the hyper children and stress. On Christmas Day itself the morning is quite tranquil but when the family comes over there is no quiet! I’ve always wanted to visit Germany or Belgium at Christmas because of how extravagant it is. I especially love Lebruchens (is that how it is spelled?) Will you be going back to Portugal for Christmas? Hope you enjoy it x

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      • Lebruchens? Is that the cake? tbh, I had to google it and it suggested me lebkuchen. (which, btw I never tried – so far, just a lot of pretzels, beer and glühwein).
        Yes, I’m going back home on Monday! I’m really sad I couldn’t go earlier but that’s the best I got. And then back here to finish the semester.
        Thank you! I hope you have a lovely time too! 😀

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