November Bullet Journal Set-Up | New Moons & New Starts

Happy November!

There are two months left of the decade and I must admit that I’m excited. As the months go on I start waiting for the New Year because it is a time to start a fresh. However, instead of looking ahead, I’ve decided to start my “New Year” right now in November. I can’t waste two months with the excuse “it’s nearly 2020 I’ll start being healthy then”. With that idea in mind, I also started a new bullet journal. It’s half the size of the last one and instead of dotted pages it’s lined. However it’s worked really well so far and feels more like a journal than a productivity bank. I now enjoy coming to write in my bujo instead of dreading it. 

Here’s an insight into my November set-up. I also filmed this process and posted it on IGTV (link is here)

I decided that the theme for this month would be moon phases. Amanda Rach Lee did this theme last month so I’m a bit of a copycat. It seemed really appropriate as I am starting fresh like a New Moon. The cover page is a bit boring but the simpler the better! I first started by drawing the black shadow but then – upon consideration – decided to finish the circle with a black fineliner. 

The month-at-glance also looks quite minimal though this is because I didn’t want to fill any planning space with numbers.

Now for the complicated parts! On the left I have my mood tracker. If you turn the book around then you will see that it is a mini calendar. Each day I will fill the box with the appropriate amount of lines for my mood. I was going to draw out each moon phase and colour it in but that requires effort and I’m tired.

On the right I have my habit tracker. Each box is about 1cm in width and I will colour the box in black if I have completed the goal. Hopefully there will be less blank spaces this month! My goals are the same as always: cello, 50+ pages a day and less than an hour on my phone. The one I struggle with most is practising my cello every day!

That’s all I have to set up for this month. I don’t like to put myself under pressure to complete lots of to-do lists so that is why it may look a bit easy to you. I write out each day as it comes which means I then have as much space as I want to write diary entries. Because the journal is much smaller it means that I can’t do weekly spreads anyway. I was never that fond of them because it always but me under pressure, however the expandable days feel more carefree and less of a burden.

I hope this post made a bit of sense to you today but as it is 8:20am on a Sunday you can’t expect a lot from me. I feel incredibly tired after camp last week! 

Do you keep a journal? Are you setting end of year goals or slacking off? 

I would love to know how you are spending the rest of this decade the comments below. I’m sorry also that WordPress has been playing up and that you can’t comment directly from the app. I don’t know what’s gone on there but you’ll have to visit my website to comment… Let’s hope it starts working soon!

Have a good day,




11 thoughts on “November Bullet Journal Set-Up | New Moons & New Starts

  1. Your journal looks so pretty! 😀 I kept one for a few months and it was fun at first but eventually, I got tired of having to prepare it each month haha I’m really, really lazy! I don’t think it’d work for me anyway because what I prioritize is my planner and I do that on my phone now, so having to set up a journal to keep track of “extras” didn’t work for me. :/
    I think the moon theme is very appropriate if you’re starting fresh! I always wait until the new year to set new goals but the truth is, they never last. The only goals that I’ve started that I’ve kept up with are the ones I’ve started in the middle of the year 😛
    Good luck with your new goals ❤

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    • Thank you so much! My journal is my planner so I have to make an effort to be organised. The monthly spread is a place for all events and different things like that. Throughout the month I also make spreads like ‘packing lists’ ‘gift ideas’ or ‘homework schedule’. It’s my holy grail 🙌
      Setting goals at the end of the year is unpopular but, since reading The Little Book of Lykke, I believe it is important to make the most of every day! You never know which will be your last x

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