Autumn Tag | Dungarees, Stormy Nights & Chai Lattes

After seeing this post on Zoe Ware’s blog, it put me in an autumnal mood so I wanted to participate in it! Though I am quiet person I find questions are a great ice-breaker. It is much easier to answer a question than hold a normal conversation. Being normal is a challenge in itself XD

Silent nights or windy ones?

Though I love silence, windy nights are my favourite. They make me feel super cosy. The sound of rain is really soothing and nothing helps me get to sleep better than its pitter patter on the windows.

Cold rain or heavy fog. What do you enjoy more?

Heavy fog in the morning is beautiful! I went for a run the other week and it was so foggy that I could hardly see my hand in front of my face.


Have you ever gone for apple picking?

My granny has an orchard so we go apple picking there quite often. Most of the apples we can’t eat so we blend them into cooking instead. Nothing beats an apple crumble – fresh from the oven!

What is your favourite dress code for the fall season?

I always wear dungarees at this time of year. My favourite pair are blue denim and I can’t get enough of them. They are very customisable: sometimes I wear a cropped jumper underneath but on other days I wear a huge hoodie over the top so they look like jeans. My style doesn’t change seasonally because I am against fast fashion, though around this time of year you’ll find me wearing more jeans than leggings.


What are your favourite drinks in the fall season?

I mentioned in my 10 Things To Do In Autumn | Collaboration With Girl Online that I love Zoella’s chai latte recipe. I’ve not made one yet this autumn but I have the ingredients in the cupboard. Also, at the start of September, I went to Starbucks for the first time and tried a pumpkin spice latte. I would have them more often if they weren’t so full of sugar! I really enjoy the cinnamon spice around this month despite its association with Christmas.

My recent obsession, that is more healthy for my body, is lemon and ginger tea. I have it every morning and I believe ginger is good for the circulatory system.


Have you ever tried pumpkin carving? If yes, so how was the experience?

I do it every year without fail. It’s a very fun activity to do with friends and a great laugh. I would say I’m quite artsy with my carving but that’s up to negotiation.

What is your favourite food in the fall season?

Autumn without apple crumble would not be complete. I like to have it with a scoop on vanilla ice-cream and a sprinkle of cinnamon. Nothing can beat it!

Thank you so much for reading to the end of this post. If you take part in this tag then make sure to link back to Zoe’s post here.

Do you enjoy autumn? What is your favourite season?





8 thoughts on “Autumn Tag | Dungarees, Stormy Nights & Chai Lattes

  1. Ooo this gets me in the autumnal mood, too! I love windy, rainy days when you’re indoors, it’s so nice to snuggle up and get cosy. I haven’t been apple picking since I was a little kid, so thought bought back memories! I must admit though, I’m not a fan of apple crumble! Love apples, don’t like apple crumble 😂 xxxx

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    • This morning I had a good old lie-in and it was so frosty outside. It feels more like Winter than Autumn as of now! I hope you go apple picking again because it is really fun. However the apples we grow in our gardens aren’t the sweetest so that’s why I always use them in baking. Thank you for your lovely comment and I’m sorry I took such a long time to reply! x

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  2. I love your question and answer. I’m a shy person, but I can be pretty talkative sometimes to familiar people.

    The first question will be a long one for me to answer. I love silent night especially if I’m out at night and gazing at stars, but just as you nothing can be more soothing than the sound out the wind and rain. I sleep best when I hear it pouring down outside.

    Cold rain or heavy fog? NONE! 😂

    I don’t have any fashion for any seasons. I just wear what feels good.

    Chai latte is favorite! 😋 Same with lemon and ginger. I like ginger best at winter time.

    I don’t have a favorite season because every season has it’s perks. But IF I have to choose. Summer because I don’t need to struggle of keeping myself warm.

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    • Thank you for answering all of these questions back to me! I agree that nothing feels better than falling asleep to pouring rain. Summer is a great season but I find myself having one to many ‘treats’ and therefore putting on a lot of weight. Autumn is a steadier season where I get healthier again – because it’s not too hot to go for a run!
      Thank you for taking you time to comment today. It is really appreciated 🙂

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  3. My favourite thing about Autumn is seeing the trees change colours, that’s beautiful! But when it comes to other things, I’m not really a fan. I’m not a fan of either the fog or the cold rain, for example, but I can appreciate some rain in the background as long as I’m inside my bed and not outside!! haha My autumn/winter clothes are mostly dark blue and bordeaux, so that’s my colour scheme for the whole season …
    I’ve never carved any pumpkin, that’s not really a tradition for me at all, but I’d have loved to do that at least once 😛
    And I don’t think I have a typical autumn drink (probably need to change that!). I’ve never had a pumpkin spice latte but you could probably try to make it at home with less sugar ^^

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    • Autumn is wonderful. The leaves changing in England happens quite suddenly and now they’re all yellow and gross aha! Carving a pumpkin has always been a tradition though we never make an effort with Halloween. I’ve made spiced lattes with less sugar at home but nothing beats going out to a cafè with your friend 😊

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