5 Tips To Get You Out of a Reading Slump

The end of October is approaching and I’ve not embraced this month in the slightest. While stuck in a reading slump I did nothing to help myself to get out of it. Instead I let the storm go on and grow in intensity. So much in fact that I haven’t read a single book this month. Not one. What was going on inside my head at that time? How did I get out my slump? Here are a few tips and tricks to help ease you out of a reading slump (because I have recovered!)

Was there a certain book that got you into reading? Read it again.

I 100% believe in rereading. For every slump I have been in, rereads have picked me out of it. One book that really inspired me to begin book blogging was The Hawkweed Prophecy. It opened up a whole new genre of reading which made me create a bookstagram account. I was then sucked into the aesthetically-pleasing-book-photo rabbit hole and decided to start talking about my new love for books. If I had my own copy then I would read it again and try to pinpoint what made it so special to me!


I read The Hawkweed Prophecy in April on Llandudno Pier, Wales

Read a children’s book.

As a child I was obsessed with anything Jaqueline Wilson. To relight that childhood imagination within me I decided to read one of her books again! I realised what made it so special to me and felt like a book obsessed child again. That really motivated me to seek out more stories but with mature themes in them.

Listen to audiobooks.

I am not blessed with the beauty of audible but BBC Sounds has occasional audiobooks on there. In the past few months there have been Michelle Obama’s “Becoming” and Magaret Atwood’s “The Testaments”. They seem to always be new releases which can be beneficial to book bloggers (if that is what you are). Listening to an audiobook means that you have no excuse for being unable to get through books. Sometimes there is not enough time for sitting down to read so you can listen instead while completing tasks like housework or when you are on the daily commute to work/school.


Pick up something short and easy.

I would not recommend classics when I say this. They take such a long time to trudge though so it can be quite demotivating. Go for something like a contemporary or a children’s novel (as I have mentioned above). A big reason for reading slumps is when you expect too much of yourself. I foolishly set a reading goal of 100 pages a day. That could be easy if I’m reading a contemporary but when I’m reading fantasy it is hardly achievable.


Don’t set a reading goal.

Because when you do and fail to meet it then you’ll never want to read again. It’s a stupid idea and I can tell you that from experience.

Thank you for reading today’s very short and sweet post! I hope that you can take some advice from it and work your way out of your reading slump but please remember that it does take time. If you don’t feel like reading then don’t do it, because obviously you don’t have passion in it anymore! I fell out of love with drawing about half a year ago and I don’t miss it at all and that’s completely normal. Everyone has their phases, but I know that books will always call me home.

Happy reading – or whatever else you like doing!







6 thoughts on “5 Tips To Get You Out of a Reading Slump

  1. This was a great post! 😀 I’m not really re-reading anymore, as there are so many books out there that I wanna read that I barely have time, but I do miss it, so next time I’m in a book slump I might re-read some old favourites (especially now I have The Lightning Thief in English, and I had only read it in Portuguese, soooo it’s still different enough for me not to feel guilty hahaha)! Also, very unfortunately for my multitasking self, audiobooks don’t work for me. I can’t pay attention to anything!!
    What usually works for me is not forcing it. If I don’t feel like reading, I’ll be a little frustrated at myself, but I’ll do something else. And eventually, my desire for reading will come back. This month I’ve been reading very little due to stress and lots of school work, unfortunately, but today I had a trip and managed to finish a book on the bus so I’m very happy and proud of myself (also I’m feeling super pumped about starting another book and perhaps finishing it before the month ends, who knows). You’ll see you’ll be avidly reading again in no time! ❤

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    • Thank you Marta! I have about 5 books on my shelves that I haven’t read yet so I feel quite guilty about that. Especially A Court Of Mist And Fury – I loved the first one but I just can’t get into the sequel. I’m feeling in a much better reading mood now because yesterday I went to the library and that sparked a new motivation.
      Congratulations on finishing a book yesterday! Now I’m on my holidays I find it much easier to read because I have more time.
      I do hope you get another book finished by the end of the month and hopefully you’ll be able to find more time to read. It’s important to keep that work/life balance 😊 Have a good day x

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      • Thank you!! I did manage to finish another book, so I’m very proud of myself!! ^^
        You have to read ACOMAF! Looking back, the books are not that special, but I read all three of them really close to each other and loved them 🙂

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      • Well done Marta! Which book was it?
        As ACOTAR was my first delve into YA high fantasy so I did think it was special. After reading more YA fantasy I realise that it’s very stereotypical though I love the description! I will try and read ACOMAF soon 😇

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      • Thank you so much!! It was The Lady’s Guide to Celestial Mechanics – I loved it ^^ I also started reading American Royals, but only finished this morning!
        I hope you enjoy ACOMAF 😀

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